Stainless Steel Electric Fin Tube Heater

Stainless Steel Electric Fin Tube Heater

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Product description

Stainless Steel Electric Fin Tube Heater 

Description of Fin Heating Element

The finned armoured heaters have been developed to satisfy the need of temperature controlled air or gas flows which is present in several industrial processes. They are also suitable to keep a closed ambient at a specified temperature. The are designed to beinserted into ventilation ducts or air conditioning plants and are directly flown by the process air or gas. They can also be installed directly inside the ambient to be heated since they are suitable to heat static air or gases. These heaters are finned to increase the heat exchange. However, if the heated fluid contains particles (which could clog the fins) these heaters cannot be used and smooth armoured heaters shall be used in place. The heaters undergo dimensional and electrical controls all along the production phase, as required by the company quality control system for the industrial standard. 

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Customized Designs and Options of Electric Fin Tube Heater

Products DataProducts Type

1.Material of tube:AISI304 321


3.Diameter of Tube:6.5,8,8.5,9,10,11,12mm


5.Length of Tube(L):200-6500mm

6.Fin Size:3mm and 5mm

Type:BN-F-AFinned Tubular Heater.jpg
Type:BN-F-UFin Tube Heater (2).jpg
Type:BN-F-Wfin heater.jpg

Application of Electric Fin Heater

The stainless steel slice will be coil on the heating element,as heat sinks,mainly used for air duct type central air conditioner,suction flow type air heating,air conditioner,top type household air conditioner and oven,dryer,air heaters and other heating products.

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 Feature of Fin Tube Air Heater

  • We offer standard as well as customized models

  • We offer different tube diameters like 6.5 mm, 8 mm,  8.5mm,9mm,10.6mm,11mm& 12mm, 14mm,16mm and so on.

  • We offer different sheath materials. It can be availed in different materials like Incoloy 840, SS 304, SS 321, SS 316,Aluminum

  • Ambient temperature: -60°C ~ +800°C

  • High- voltage in Test : 16,00V/ 5S

  • Firmness of connection end: ≥50N

  • Protective oxide coated element wire for long-term heater life

  • Can be manufactured to proper length

Technology data of Tubular finned heater

  1. HI-POT TEST: 1600V/S on normal temperature

  2. Insulation resistance:500MΩ

  3. Leakage current to be 0.75ma max While energized at rated voltage

  4. Power tolerance:+5%,-10%

  5. Voltage:12V-440V

  6. Diameter range:4.5mm to 20mm

  7. Air tubular heater wattage : ≥ 1w-5w/cm2



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