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2017 Chinaplas International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition
Dec 09, 2017

2017 Chinaplas International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition

"CHINAPLAS Chinaplas" with China's plastics and rubber industry has grown nearly 30 years, has developed into Asia's largest rubber and plastics industry exhibition, and the development of China's rubber industry has a positive role in promoting. Currently, CHINAPLAS is not only Asia's largest plastics and rubber industry exhibition, the industry is more recognized its influence second only to the world's largest rubber and plastics exhibition in Germany "K", as the rubber industry Of the world's second largest exhibition. [1] 

CHINAPLAS Chinaplas, held once a year, one year in Guangzhou, two years in Shanghai. In 2017, the thirty-first China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou.

Chinese name 2017 Chinaplas 2017 Time 2017.5.16-2017.5.19 Opening Hours 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Venue China and Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall The annual exhibition organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd

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3 exhibition area

Exhibition Size

5 The last exhibition (2016)

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Exhibition Introduction

"CHINAPLAS 2017 Chinaplas" will be held in Guangzhou in May 2017, 2017 is the CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition held the thirty-first, will bring the performance again and again. [2] 

Exhibition theme: Green plastic innovation to create the future

Exhibition area: 250,000 + square meters

Number of Exhibitors: More than 3,300

Exhibition machinery: 3800 + units

Materials Exhibitors: 1000 + home

National and regional pavilions: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, UK, USA, China, Taiwan

Estimated number of visitors: 140,000+ people from 150 countries and regions (25% overseas visitors)

Number of Technical Seminars: 50+

Organizational Edit

Organized and co-organized by:

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd

China Light Industry Association - China Plastics Processing Industry Association

China Plastics Machinery Industry Association

Düsseldorf Exhibitions (China) Co

Shanghai Plastics Industry Association

Beijing Exhibition Exhibition Services Co., Ltd


European Association of Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers

Domestic Support Unit:

Anhui Plastics Association

China Rubber Industry Association

Fujian Plastics Industry Association

Guangdong Plastics Industry Association

Jiangsu Plastics Processing Industry Association

Jiangxi Plastics Industry Association

Shandong Plastics Industry Association

Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association

Taizhou Plastic Industry Association

Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association

Exhibition Area

Mechanical exhibits

In this case,

Injection Machinery Zone

Extrusion Machinery Zone

Plastic packaging and blow molding machinery area

China Import and Export Machinery and Raw Materials Museum

In this case,

Rubber Machinery Zone

Automation technology zone

Auxiliary equipment and testing equipment area

Mold and processing equipment area

In this case,

Thin film technology area

Recycling Technology Zone

In this case,

In this case,

In this case,

Raw material display

In this case,

Chemical and raw materials area

Additive Area

Bioplastics Zone

Composite and special materials area

In this case,

Pigments and masterbatch area

Semi - finished products area

Exhibition scale

Total exhibition area (sq m)220,000230,000240,000240,000250,000
Number of Exhibitors2,9693,0673,2753,3353,300+
Number of participating countries and regions3940393940
Number of Visitors114,103130,370128,264148,575140,000+

The last exhibition (2016) editor

Asia's first, the world's second exhibition of plastic and rubber industry CHINAPLAS April 25, 2016 held in Shanghai, four days of the audience up to 148,575, the highest since the first run since 1983, The largest number of visitors the next day, reaching 54,823. Compared to the 2014 exhibition held in Shanghai, the number of visitors increased 13.96%; than in 2015 held in Guangzhou exhibition grew 15.84%. [3]

Exhibition quality certification editor

Organizers have 38 years of organizing exhibition experience

28 consecutive times won the European Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers Association (EUROMAP) exclusive sponsor of the China Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition [4]

The only UFI Global Exhibition Industry Association won the certification of the China Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Supported by a number of domestic and international plastics associations and user industry associations


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