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A method for treating the surface of electric heating pipe is easy to scale
Aug 07, 2017

A method for treating the surface of electric heating pipe is easy to scale

Stainless steel electric heating pipe in the process of use, especially in heating the water, the surface can easily form scale, especially in some poor water area, scale formation fast. The formation of scale can cause many disadvantages.

Scale accumulation will be surrounded by layers of heating pipes. Scale heat conductivity is very low, resulting in waste of energy. At the same time, because of the excessive scale and poor heat conductivity, the internal temperature of the electric heating pipe is too high, and the service life of the heating tube can be greatly shortened. Generally speaking, the service life of the electric heating tube in 3 years, in the case of excessive scale, can only use six months to 1 years. In addition, the scale is easy to breed bacteria, pollution of water quality, but also lead to severe electric heating pipe surface burst damage, causing electric shock risk.

Here are a few ways to reduce the formation of scale.

1, at present is the most effective antifouling coating heating Feiyu alloy technology research and development, its characteristic is not to change the external shape of the heating tube, the power is not restricted, and the heating pipe technical parameters are approximately the same, is characterized by a layer of stainless steel heating tube surface with anti scale coating, by test and customer results the effect is very obvious.

2 、 adopt the lengthened steel core extrusion magnesium bar, put it on the opposite side of the electric heating pipe, effectively prolong the service life of the magnesium bar, ensure the maximum protection of the inner liner, and also make it difficult to make the electric heating pipe scale.

3. Use quartz glass electric heating tube to increase the caliber. The hard water, water scaling easy, because the quartz glass heating tube material for high purity silicon dioxide, physical and chemical properties of silica inert, in a heated state, is not easy to absorb impurities in quartz glass heating tube far infrared emission in the heating process, can play a certain role of softening water, so the electric heating tube is not easy to scale.

4. Use instant heating water heater. That is, the maximum temperature of hot water heater is controlled at 50 degrees, that is the critical temperature of incrustation. When you take a bath, it's less than this temperature (usually 35 to 45 degrees), so it's hard to scale. Even in the northern areas where the water hardness is high, the long-term use is only slightly fouling.

These methods are the most effective way to solve the problem of surface scaling of stainless steel heating pipes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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