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A variety of industrial and civil electric heating castings
Nov 24, 2017

A variety of industrial and civil electric heating castings

1, cast aluminum, cast copper heater: the tubular electrothermal heating elements in aluminum, copper solution, pressed into different shapes of heaters. It is mainly used for heating heating of plastic machinery, oven, water heater, pipeline and non corrosive liquid.

2, cast iron heater: the electric heating tube casting in iron solution, widely used in lock, zipper, hardware, toys and other manufacturers die casting machine. Also called gooseneck nozzle heater heater. There are two kinds of electric tubes: one is cast electric tubes into copper, the other is cast electric tubes into iron.

3, other special needs of electric casting: according to customer requirements can be customized all kinds of electric castings. Titanium heater. Taking titanium as the pipe and plate of petrochemical, chemical and chemical fiber equipment can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolong its service life. But because titanium is easy to react with oxygen, hydrogen and other elements in the air at high temperature to produce brittle oxide, the welding of equipment is difficult to reach the standard. Therefore, the localization of titanium equipment is very arduous.

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