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Air conditioners can also heat the cooling system, which is the main component at work?
Feb 07, 2018

Compressor (compressed refrigerant) --- Condenser (cooling) --- Capillary (throttling and depressurizing) --- Evaporator (cooling and cooling). Compressors will be compressed into gaseous refrigerant liquid refrigerant at high temperature and pressure, and then sent to the condenser (outdoor unit) after the heat becomes a liquid refrigerant at room temperature and high pressure, so the outdoor unit is blowing hot air. Then to the capillary, into the evaporator (indoor unit), due to the refrigerant from the capillary to the evaporator after a sudden increase in space, the pressure decreases, the liquid refrigerant will vaporize, into a gaseous refrigerant at low temperatures, so as to absorb a large amount of Heat, the evaporator will be cold, the indoor unit of the fan will be indoor air blowing from the evaporator, so the indoor unit is blown out of the cold; water vapor in the air encounter cold evaporator will condense into water droplets , Flow down the water pipe, which is the reason air conditioning will be out of water. The gaseous refrigerant then returns to the compressor and continues to compress, continuing the cycle. When there is a heating system, there is a component called four-way valve, which makes the refrigerant flow in the direction of the condenser and the evaporator opposite to that in the cooling. Therefore, when the heating is done, the outdoor blowing is cold and the indoor unit blowing is the hot air. In fact, it is the principle of absorbing heat when the liquefied gas (from gas to liquid) learned in junior middle school physics is used to dissipate heat and vaporize (from liquid to gas).

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