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anole hot runner
Dec 09, 2017

anole hot runner

table of Contents

1 principle

2 classification

▪ Open style

▪ Needle valve type

3 features

▪ Differences

▪ Disadvantages

▪ Save material

4 structure

▪ System classification

▪ Design the program

▪ Design concepts

▪ Development direction


▪ Technical key

▪ Applications

▪ Production profile

6 Leakage treatment

Die & Mold Industry

▪ Feature introduction

▪ Plasticization

▪ Forming conditions:

▪ Mobility of molten plastics

▪ Choice of plastic material:

▪ Crystalline and non-crystalline plastics

▪ Mold benefits

▪ Mold defects

8 major manufacturers

▪ Optional

▪ Details

▪ Benefits

China 's situation

▪ Selection of hot runner suppliers

▪ Choose and buy technical issues with hot runner systems


Hot runner mold is a traditional mold or three-plate mold runner and flow through the heating, in each shape that does not need to remove the runner and runner of a new structure.

Category Editing

Hot runner system is divided into adiabatic flow channel (fully hot runner) and micro semi-hot runner system (semi hot runner). Adiabatic design of the runner complex, but the effect is good and maintenance costs are very low. Micro-semi-hot runner structure is simple, stable and easy to use, low failure rate, simple structure and thus the maintenance cost is low, the stability of the production of a greater guarantee.

Hot runner classification: open type (for micro semi-hot runner), needle valve (for adiabatic flow channel). [1]

Open type

Open structure is simple, suitable for micro-semi-hot runner, not suitable for adiabatic flow channel, adiabatic flow channel on the limitations of the material higher, and direct contact with the product surface, prone to drawing and leakage, surface quality is poor; micro semi-hot runner Not contact with the product but to reach the small flow channel, so you can use the open thermal nozzle, high precision molds in foreign applications more.

Needle valve type

Needle-style hot runner save material, plastic surface appearance, while the internal quality of close, high strength. There are two major categories in the world

Needle valve type hot runner

Needle valve type hot runner

Needle type hot runner (according to the injection principle): Cylinder type and spring type. Cylinder type according to the controller and timing controller to control the cylinder to promote the needle valve closure, the structure is more complex, but the design itself is simple. Mainly DME (USA), INCOE (US), MOLD-MASTER (Canada), HUSKY (Canada), AKOMA (China) and so on. Which the Japanese century did not enter the Chinese market. Cylinder-type because of its structural characteristics of the mold to determine the high precision, while debugging and maintenance are more complex, which MOLD-MASTER called the hot runner in the Rolls-Royce heating part in the nozzle. A lot of them in the commissioning and maintenance costs, the basic customer can not maintain their own. Spring-type on a - FISA (Japan), the biggest feature, relying on the balance of spring and injection pressure control needle valve switch, assembly and commissioning and maintenance is simple, mold precision is not high, Japan customers have their own basic maintenance capabilities, widely used in home appliances , Automotive accessories, precision multi-cavity mold. Spring and the cylinder is not the difference between the timing control, can not solve the problem of weld marks. Su Mei technical personnel in the successful summary of the experience of thousands of hot runner system on the basis of the successful development of the: small diameter wear nozzle; spring needle valve and internal heating nozzle. Plastic hot runner developed a mosaic heater, heater set directly into the copper inside, because the thermal conductivity of copper is very good, inlaid copper heater set to the hot mouth above the hot mouth greatly reduces the maintenance costs of hot mouth

(China market price), MOLD-MASTER, INCOE, DME, AKOMA, HUSKY, FISA, SM (plastic beauty - China). Popular foreign non-hot runner Diego must go, in fact, hot runner mold to reduce the design of many of the requirements of the designers to develop more mold structure provides a great convenience. Plastic not only inherited the leading technology of hot runner in Canada, and on this basis, the integration of the related injection molding; electric and precision machining technology. Companies take full advantage of human resources and the introduction of the most advanced on-site production and customer service system, creating a customer satisfaction with the full management system.


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