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Asphalt carbon fiber heating tube
Jun 25, 2018

Carbon heat pipe made of asphalt, according to the differences in process conditions, can show different physical and chemical properties. From the mechanical performance comparison, can be divided into ordinary level (GP), high performance level (HP), and between GP and HP between the middle class and other types of performance. Ordinary asphalt-based carbon fiber (GP-PCF) is an optically isotropic carbon fiber with low mechanical properties. High-performance asphalt-based carbon fiber (HP-PCF) is optically anisotropic carbon fiber, tensile strength and modulus Performance is high. The difference in physical properties is mainly due to the fact that the modulated pitch of the latter spinning is a mesophase or a latent mesophase type asphalt.


High-performance grade asphalt carbon fiber, comparable to PAN-based carbon fiber for aerospace, aviation and advanced sports equipment; ordinary grade asphalt carbon fiber in the civilian industry has a wide range of uses, such as for insulation materials, wear brake materials, corrosion resistance Materials, conductive and shielding materials, audio materials, etc., especially in the building materials as a cement enhancement material, the amount of great, eye-catching.


Although the asphalt-based heat pipe has the advantages of cheap raw materials, high carbon yield and easy to obtain ultra-high model carbon fiber. However, high-performance carbon fiber is difficult to obtain high tensile strength and compressive strength. Therefore, although it has developed rapidly in the 1980s, it still can not replace the dominance of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber, but only because it has some other kinds of carbon fiber can not match the characteristics of a certain amount of production.

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