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Brief introduction of heating elements
Jun 26, 2017

Electric heating Casting is another classification of electric components, such as cast aluminum, cast copper, cast iron heaters, PTC heaters, Steam heat pipe

The Resistance band Far Infrared radiant heater is used for drying and heating equipment of drying road, drying room, oven, related industry cable tray, electric heater, electric boiler, boiler heat pipe, oven heat pipe, fin electric heating tube, explosion-proof electric heater, storage tank electric heater, high-temperature ceramic electric heater, molecular sieve electric heater, circulating electric heater, crawler-type electric heater, hot water heater, fluid circulation electric heater.


High-efficiency electrothermal element Electrothermal film, electrothermal film is a surface, it is mainly composed of conductive material and film-forming materials, compared with traditional Shan electrothermal elements, the characteristics of electrothermal film is: evenly distributed. Electrothermal film can be integrated with the heating system, so the contact area is big, heat transfer heat resistance is small, heat conduction is good, heat energy can be quickly passed to the heating body, and the electric film itself temperature is not too high, no redness and scorching phenomenon.

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