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Cartridge Heater
Sep 27, 2017

The single terminal electric tube is also called single head electric heat pipe and cartridge tube, which is a kind of electric heat pipe (tubular electric heating element). In the China electric heating industry, there is a long term model: M3. In the late 90 s because of electric heat pipe is widely used in China, the shape of the electric heating tube is also now a lot of, in southern China will have the qualification of mold in the electric heat pipe as the single head or single end electric heat pipe, electric heating tube is very image. In foreign countries, it is called a cartridge heater, which is also called a method of image, because the shell is a cylindrical shell, and one end is also blocked, and the Chinese call the single head electric heat pipe is a coincidence to claim the same job.

Application scope:

1. Used for drying wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, etc.

2. Melting and heating of nitrite and other salts.

3. Melt low melting point alloy, such as molten lead furnace, melting tin furnace and so on.

4. Building heating.

5. Heat the air and still air.

6. Infrared radiation heating device.

7. Low temperature electric furnaces such as industrial electric furnace and electric oven for air circulation.

8. Heating device in oil, water and other chemical liquids and plating bath.

9. Seawater electric distillation unit.

10. Alkaline and acid heating devices.

11. In the food industry, it is used to bake various kinds of bread, biscuits, cakes and water tunnels.

12. Plastic products processing molding machines and rubber products die vulcanization devices.

13. Medical and sanitizing equipment, such as sterilizer, sterilizer, etc.

14. Heating of motor vacuum immersion equipment, enameled wire drying equipment, etc.

15. The daily life of various household electric heating appliances, such as electric oven, electric oven, electric rice cooker, electric frying pan, water heater, electric iron and other products.


The length is not limited, can achieve 20-2000MM.

High power, domestic can achieve surface area 20 watts per square centimeter.

Simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, easy installation, long service life, no pollution, as well as the low price, save electric energy at the same time, the use of safe, can be bent into various shapes, light and easy to tear open outfit.

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