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cartridge heaters Main performance requirements
Dec 30, 2017

cartridge heaters Main performance requirements

Temperature rise time: under the test voltage, the temperature rise of the component from the ambient temperature to the test temperature should not be more than 15 minutes

2. Rated power deviation: under the conditions of full heat, the component of the rated power deviation should not exceed the following specified range ; For the rated power of less than or equal to 100W components: ± 10%. + 5% -10% or 10W for components with a rated power greater than 100W, whichever is greater.

3. Leakage current: cold leakage current and leakage current after water pressure and sealing test should not exceed 0.5mA operating temperature of the thermal leakage current should not exceed the formula in the calculation, but the maximum does not exceed 5mA

4. Insulation resistance: Cold insulation resistance should not be less than 50MΩ, after sealing test, long-term storage or use after the insulation resistance should not and MΩ

5. Heat resistance: components under the specified test conditions and test voltage should withstand 1000 cycles of resistance Thermal test, without damage.

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