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Ceramic heater
Dec 06, 2017

Ceramic heater

Ceramic heater is a high efficiency heat uniform Division of heaters, thermal conductivity of metal alloys to ensure heat uniform temperature, eliminates hot and cold equipment.

Ceramic heater have long life, good insulation properties, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, resistance to magnetic fields and so on.

Is alloy wire molded into the quartz glass as raw materials in the semiconductor. High temperature resistance (up to 1200 degrees), corrosion-resistant, beautiful and wear-resistant characteristics. Widely used in high-temperature heating furnaces, Semiconductor Engineering, glass, ceramic and wire works.

There are circles and plates-specifications, reliable long life, durable, energy-saving, with the installation of flexible, high temperature resistant, rapid heat transfer, insulating better, making models and size limits and so on. Wiring that can be based on user demand, voltage-36V and 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V, maximum power load per square 6.5W, compared with conventional electric heaters can reduce energy consumption 30%.

It applies to straight electric splint, curlers, electric iron, electric iron, hair dryer, drying machine, steaming water, warm water heaters, toilets toilet seats, medical equipment, electric heating products. Ceramic heater with the installation of flexible, high temperature resistant, rapid heat transfer, well insulated, making models and size limits and so on.

Structure of ceramic heaters products: ceramic heaters are made from stainless steel shell, with a high insulation, fire resistance of the ceramic inner wear resistance wire, then the mechanical cutter made of type, powered, you can use. * Heating 30 seconds up to 500 degrees.

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