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Ceramic heating tube heating process will be broken
Apr 11, 2018

Life need to have some water or some liquid heating, heating components in the selection process which many categories, electric tube variety, each with its own performance, each have their own advantages, here and we chat under the ceramic heating pipe in the water Heating process will continue to lead to breakage will lead to leakage, the phenomenon of insecurity occur?

    Ceramic heating tube material is the surface of the aluminum encapsulated metal tungsten, under normal circumstances, in addition to the lead wire is outside the metal wire, tube heating area is completely insulated. For contact with water appliances, such as electric water heater tube, which is more advantage. In the pipe and water heating, to better avoid safety problems.

    Used ceramic will know, compared to the ceramic electric tube is more fragile, by the violent impact is the possibility of fracture. There are many customers on the use of ceramic tube is worried about whether there will be broken after the leakage and other insecurity.

    Because of the special heating circuit of the ceramic heating tube, after the electric heating tube breaks, it will stop the power supply operation, can completely avoid leakage and other safety hazards, which is more conducive to water heating applications.

    In addition, the electric water heater used in drinking fountains, ceramic heating tube has another advantage, that is, can effectively reduce the residual water heating scale. Many water heating products, such as electric kettle, electric cup, will be troubled by the scale of the problem. If it is used as a metal heating element, the scale of the residue will affect the metal tube function, life and other issues.

The characteristics of the ceramic is able to effectively reduce the scale of the electric heating tube itself, which is more suitable for ceramic heating tube heating water application of one of the reasons.

    Through the above analysis, the ceramic heating tube in the water heating process after the failure of the division of electricity will stop the operation, can completely avoid leakage and other security risks, compared to other types of metal heating tube is better. In the selection process, customers need to choose the most suitable heating element according to actual demand.

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