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Classification and description of heat treatment furnaces
Jun 15, 2018

Classification and description of heat treatment furnaces

Classification and description of heat treatment furnaces

Heat treatment furnace is one of the important process equipment in the manufacture of machinery.

 It is mainly used to heat the metal parts in a certain medium to the appropriate temperature and

 keep the temperature at a certain time and then cool at different speeds. Mainly for the

 workpiece annealing, tempering, quenching, heating and other heat treatment process operation 

of a heat treatment equipment.

     Product Categories:

     1. A periodic heat treatment furnace that is heated by a heated object in a hood.

     2. Roller-bottom furnace: the furnace with the roller conveyor heat treatment materials, in

 the roller above and below the furnace can be arranged burner heating equipment furnace.

     3. Chain furnace: a conveyor belt heat treatment furnace.

     4. Traction heat treatment furnace: traction furnace roughly horizontal and vertical two 

kinds, widely used in cold-rolled strip of tin, galvanized and silicon steel, stainless steel

 continuous heat treatment of the heat treatment furnace.

     5. Steel wire quenching furnace: a traction type heat treatment furnace for the wire in the

 lead tank before the isothermal quenching of the heating furnace.

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