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Classification of heating elements
Jun 26, 2017

Heating PTC Thermistor has a constant temperature and heating characteristics, the principle is that PTC thermistor after heating heating to make the resistance into the jump zone, thermostatic heating ptc thermistor surface temperature will remain constant value,

The heating element which is designed by constant temperature Heating PTC Thermistor's constant temperature and heating characteristic. In the medium and small power heating, the PTC heating element has the advantages of constant temperature heating, long natural life, high heat transfer rate, minimal influence on the power supply voltage, and the application of the electric appliance is more and more favored by the research and development engineers. Traditional heating elements are not competent.

Thermostatic Heating PTC thermistor can be made into a variety of shape structure and different specifications, the common has a circular shape, square, bar, ring, PTC heating elements and metal components can be combined to form various forms of high-power PTC heating elements.

Common Practical PTC Ceramic heating elements are: mosquito drug repellent, warm hand, dryer, electric plate, perm bucket, iron, electric adhesive, curling perm. Low power, high thermal efficiency.

Automatic Thermostatic PTC Heating elements are: small crystal device thermostat, incubator, electronic thermos, insulation box, thermos, insulation plate, insulation cabinets, insulation table. Automatic insulation, simple structure, good temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency.

Hot Air PTC Heating elements are: small Wen Feng heater, hair dryer, greenhouse machine, dryer, dry wardrobe, dryer, industrial drying equipment, output hot air power, fast heat, safe, can automatically adjust power consumption.

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