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Comparing with injection molding machine, band heaters have become the mainstream
Dec 20, 2017

Comparing with injection molding machine, band heaters have become the mainstream

From the 20th century, 50 years, the first injection molding machine (injection molding machine) began, dating back more than 60 years of history, the United States, Germany, Japan as injection molding machine of the traditional technical power, the market still maintained a leading Positioning, China as a rising star of the manufacturing sector, according to incomplete statistics has more than 60 manufacturers. China's production of injection molding machines accounted for the global injection molding machine production 2/3. Therefore, China's injection molding machine supporting enterprises to rapid development, mainly in the casting, screw, motor, servo drives, manipulators, hopper dryer and other industries were born the industry leading enterprises, and developed into the world's presses supporting suppliers, Letter easy drying machine as the representative. Only the injection molding machine heating ring part of the current advantage in the country did not form a leading enterprises, forming a hundred schools of thought contend, blossom of the competitive situation, for now, the heating sector is due to the emergence of infrared heating coil to break the chaotic market Pattern, and gradually form the industry leading enterprises and advantages. In view of this, has many years of band heaters experience of the author, the current mainstream market in China to do a horizontal contrast to the development of the current market development direction. At present, the world is taking the Paris climate summit as an opportunity, the domestic carbon trading market is being formed. Therefore, in order to comply with the national construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, China injection molding machine vigorously implement the green development strategy, Energy-saving environmental protection products become hot market opportunities, injection molding machine heater manufacturers to speed up the transformation of traditional technology, the pace of upgrading, and continue to use new energy-saving technologies, new products, new technology, new materials to meet the various producers of home Low energy requirements. This paper mainly discusses the structure and working principle of current band heaters used in injection molding machine, and compares the performance and characteristics of the band heaters in injection molding machine, and puts forward personal opinions for reference.

1 injection molding machine heating ring working principle and structure

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