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Development and Prospect Analysis of Far Infrared Heater
Jun 09, 2018

Development and Prospect Analysis of Far Infrared Heater

Development and Prospect Analysis of Far Infrared Heater

Far infrared heaters have been used since the 1930s, but really widely promoted in the 1970s.

 Through the use of industrial furnaces can greatly reduce energy consumption and improve 

industrial output.

    From 1939 the United States Ford for the first time the infrared light for film curing so far,

 has been nearly 70 years of history. In the past 70 years, infrared heating device in the

 continuous improvement, and gradually popular in the paint room. Now use infrared and convective 

composite heating or single use of infrared heating has become a trend. Infrared drying is not 

only in the coating industry, but also textile, food processing, wood, agricultural products, 

seafood and other industries widely used.

    Far infrared heater 30 years of development

    1. Far-infrared heater wave (1973-1983)

    From 1973 to 1983, all countries in the world strongly recommended infrared or far infrared

 heating technology, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United States, Western Europe has in the form 

of documents, plans to promote China, especially in the country [42] file to promote far infrared.

 At that time far infrared heating known as the "epoch-making" energy-saving technology, the state

 launched to promote funds, vigorously mass movement, from 1978 to 1983, with far infrared 

transformation and the new drying furnace, dehydration furnace, curing furnace up to 2.8 million

 kW , Reported throughout the country have more than 30% of the energy-saving effect.

    2. Development of far infrared heaters (1983-1993)

    With the infrared "matching absorption" theory, radiation heat transfer theory, heat transfer

 kinetics theory in-depth study, infrared heating to obtain a great space for development.

 Matching absorption is the theoretical basis of infrared heating energy saving. Matching

 absorption for thin products (later described in detail), especially the very thin organic 

products have significant energy saving effect, but in real life, such products too little, 

scientists on how to apply the "matching absorption" theory, A detailed study. Infrared heating

 is the radiation heating, radiation heat transfer efficiency is high, for large area items, the

 temperature uniformity has become the focus of attention, scientific workers with "

low temperature radiation heat transfer technology" to solve this problem satisfactorily,

 to ± 4. 5 ℃ heating temperature field. Infrared components are actually electric components.

 It is understood that the radiation coefficient is high, the infrared heating efficiency of the

 electric components of the argument is one-sided. The scientific workers deduced the necessary 

conditions and sufficient conditions to realize the radiative heat transfer of the components, 

and put forward the formula of infrared heating: energy radiation conversion efficiency 

coefficient. Such as convection heat-based radiator coated with infrared paint, it has become 

"infrared components," the wrong reference has a theoretical basis, the application of 

infrared heating components, applications continue to expand. The direction of the 

infrared heating - the relative position of the component and the workpiece is the problem of 

heat and moisture dehydration curing, which is very prominent in the infrared heating, the 

uniformity of the intensity of the radiation field, the temperature uniformity, the uniformity

 of the temperature of the flow field Research, successfully resolved in the continuous drying 

furnace infrared heating temperature uniformity of this problem.

    3. Trends in far infrared heaters (1993-2003)

    Point, surface, line radiation source of the thermal energy is the direct utilization of 

the workpiece is very low, people use polished metal as a reflector, due to difficult to clean,

 resulting in the use of the process of thermal efficiency dropped significantly. Infrared heating

 temperature uniformity, different furnace bricks, furnace type, the shape and quality of the 

workpiece have a great relationship to the design and construction applications to bring great 

trouble, the key problem is the furnace flow field interference, so that the infrared heating

 furnace Temperature uniformity is difficult to meet the design requirements. Infrared heating 

is a radiation heat transfer, its special is that the temperature rise quickly, off the electric

 heat disappeared inertia, how to achieve this basic characteristics, scientists have always been

 thinking about this problem, that is, rapid heating technology. Reflector cover pollution, 

matching absorption practice application, the study of the temperature uniformity of the flow 

field, the strengthening of radiation heat transfer, a series of theoretical and technical 

problems breakthrough, China's National Infrared Center in 1993, the first proposed infrared 

heating --- fast heating, instant Heating, explosion heating new ideas --- high infrared heatin

g ideas in the technology there are three major breakthroughs, select a comprehensive "match" to

 absorb the components to overcome the convection field on the temperature uniformity of the 

impact of material to achieve the classification of heating and drying , Infrared heating has 

become energy-saving technology.

    Far - infrared heater status and prospects

    Infrared heating in the film curing has occupied a pivotal position, people have gradually

 realized the advantages of infrared heating. At present, people use carbon fiber far infrared 

tube and directional far infrared radiator and so on to a large extent improve the quality of the

 film, saving energy, than the traditional heating curing device has a more excellent performance.

 Shandong University developed with black body as a radiator is a trend of the development of 

infrared heating devices, and in the major paint room has been widely used. Infrared curing device

 continues to improve, will achieve greater economic, social and environmental benefits, so that

 China's coating drying process to a higher level.

    Far infrared heater development prospects, with the infrared curing technology is perfect, 

far infrared heater can be better applied to the industry, improve energy efficiency.

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