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Development history and current situation of electric heating element tubular heater
Jun 21, 2018

Development history and current situation of electric heating element tubular heater

Electric development related knowledge

    In today's life every day we will use a lot of electric appliances, such as electric kettles, rice cookers, electric water heaters, electric faucets, electric wok and so numerous. Here we first together to briefly understand the development of electricity history.

    More than two thousand years ago, people began to recognize the existence of electricity, began to study and develop it, from the recognition of electricity to find the step by step in-depth exploration, until 1660 the world's first rotating friction generator invented the success , But it is static, difficult to be practical; so people began to continue to explore the study of electricity. In 1800, Volta invented the world's first battery in 1821, and invented the world's first generator and became the ancestor of the generator. In 1831 Faraday according to the previous invention, in practice and found that the invention of the world's first can produce a continuous current generator. After the generators are based on the same electromagnetic induction principle made. Since then, the invention of mankind in the electrical into a peak is also marks the human has been the era of electrical appliances into the era of electrical applications, a variety of practical appliances began to emerge.

The origin and definition of electric heating

    When the current through the wire can be a thermal effect of this phenomenon was found in the world there are many inventors began to study and manufacture a variety of electric appliances, electric heating thus opened a milestone.

    Electric heating is the process of converting electrical energy into heat and making use of it.

Development of Electric Heating Pipe

    In the 19th century electric appliances are still in the bud, compared to the current product is so clumsy, the first use of the product is used for life-based electric appliances.

    1859 Mr. Simpson (SIMPSON) to create the world's first electric heating pipe, and to obtain the patent this product, the electric components are ring-shaped wire armored in the metal tube and the composition of the ceramic insulation Material to metal pipe and wire insulation into a heating body, which is today known as the electric tube. Because of the lack of a certain process equipment, so this invention can not be applied, then there is no suitable resistance wire as a resistance type of heating material, and can be used only wire wire, but the wire resistance is very small High voltage difficulties and expensive metal wire prices are expensive, and thus slow development.

    In 1893 the prototype of the iron first appeared in the United States, and then to 1909, the use of electric stove, it is placed in the stove electric heater, that is heated from straw, wood to electricity, that is, from electrical energy into heat. But the rapid development of the real electric appliances industry, but it is used as a heating element of the nickel-chromium alloy after the invention.

    In 1910 the United States first developed successfully with nickel-chromium alloy electric wire production of iron, which fundamentally improved the iron structure, the use of iron quickly get popular. Nickel-chromium alloy electric wire has high temperature and high resistivity characteristics, and artificial inorganic insulation material is already available. At this point began to have the basic conditions for the production of electric tube.

    The real development of electric heating tube is during the First World War, when the main method of making electric heating pipe is developed by the powder method. 1917 American electrical engineer Edwin L. Wiegand (Edwin L.Wiegand) invented the world's first metal shell electric heating tube, and with their own patents to create their own name of the electric heating tube factory - --- Wiegand Appliance.

    1918 General Electric Company to create a heating wire and the outer tube concentric electric tube, filled with powder insulation material. This method is composed of metal pipe in the tube is a concentric position of the heating wire spiral ring, surrounded by powdery insulating material, that is, the wire spiral is fixed in the middle of the tube, and then this element through the tube, compressed Or the tube, but this method did not succeed, because the actual difficulty is that there is no suitable machine or means of production.

    To 1925 in Japan in the pot to install the electric components of the product, a modern rice cooker prototype. At this stage of the industry also appeared in laboratory electric furnace, melting furnace, heating and other electric products.

    From 1910 to 1925, the emergence and popularization of various types of electric and electrical appliances in the family and industrial sectors all developed rapidly, especially in the case of the family, which was the great development stage in the history of electrothermal appliances , So the invention of nickel-chromium alloy is laid for the development of electric appliances industry. Since the twenties in the new application development is not the last period, but at this stage all the various electric appliances have been redesigned and constantly improved, become the history of electric heating to improve the stage. In household electric appliances, all kinds of appliances are designed to be more beautiful, durable and rugged, and most of them have automatic temperature and time control, so the use of ease, durability and rugged, and most of them have automatic temperature and time control. At the same time manufacturing materials also be improved, such as the use of good quality A grade nickel chrome wire, with magnesium oxide or magnesium oxide powder as insulators and so on.

    In the 20th century, after the 1940s, due to the progress of science and technology in the United States, cheap electricity, economic development income and other reasons, electric appliances began to enter the popularization stage. According to statistics, this period of iron in the United States family penetration rate of more than 90%.

    In Europe until the mid-1950s, the method used was quite complex and led to costly costs, but only in the Borden Kanton (BULTEN KANTHAL) to promote the United States of America Auckland (OAKLEY) for the US market original design machine After manufacturing, due to the development of manufacturing equipment, the application and popularization of electric heating tubes have been popularized all over the world.

    In addition to the above-mentioned manufacturing methods, there were Baker and Fracture, 1926 Norway C, W Baker pioneered a method of manufacturing electric components. That is, under the influence of high-pressure high-temperature water vapor, the pure magnesium metal into magnesium hydroxide Mg (OH) 2, that is, then the resistance wire spiral placed in the metal magnesium tube or the first two metal magnesium made your The desired shape and then the resistance wire on the middle of the two magnesium bars, and then the resistance wire in the magnesium tube (strip) together into the metal shell tube, and then placed in the heat (pressure of about 20 to 30 atmospheric steam), in the Under the influence of superheated steam, the metal magnesium is converted to Mg (OH) 2, and the volume is greatly increased. So that the resistance wire is fixed in the middle, and completely armored in magnesium hydroxide, and then in order to convert magnesium hydroxide into MgO components and then annealing.

    There is also a method used for many years, especially in Switzerland and Germany with ceramic sleeves on the periphery of the resistance spiral, that is similar to the use of conventional insulating beads such as talc, resistance wire and insulation tube being armored into the metal tube The The inside of the coil of the resistance wire spiral is filled with crushed insulating material, so that the resistance wire can be prevented from being displaced during machining. In order to improve the thermal resistance of the resistance wire and the metal shell tube, the semi-finished products of the heating element are subjected to forging, rolling or compression to reduce the outer diameter of the tube so that the ceramic tube is crushed during processing, Broken pipe method. The above several methods, some have been used today, almost the way to create electric components.

    The end of the 20th century - the 21st century, the use of electric heating tube stage, applied to the civilian, industrial, military and other fields. Such as electric kettles, electric cups, electric irons and electric ovens and other small appliances mainly use electric tube; heaters, Yuba and some heaters are far infrared carbon fiber heating tube. The advent of the electric tube and its technology continues to mature, the manufacturer's survival of the fittest principle, a batch of more sophisticated technology products have been developed and widely into the market, to people's production and life has brought fast, convenient, simple and safe. In recent years, small household electrical appliances with electric components manufacturing enterprises will usually complete this part of the work ahead of time. For example, for the production of steam iron production parts, has been from the supply of simple electric tube, the development of direct supply to the steam generator. Today, the electric components manufacturers can also supply hot-type electric components such as modular electric components.

    More than 100 years have passed, the heating element has been greatly developed, the variety of numerous numerous, the development of electric tube has been the original intention of the simple work for the equipment has now played a pivotal role in the equipment.

Development of Electric Heating Pipe in China

    Before the liberation of our country by the imperialist aggression and reactionary rule, electric appliances industry has been in a very backward state, after the liberation was to continue to develop. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, electric heating elements began to rise in China and began to develop rapidly. In 1958, China had the first electric heating plant - Shanghai Electric Appliance Factory, which was the first to produce electric heating elements in China. factory. After the country have started all over the country electric tube plant, especially in 2008 to reach the peak, so far not complete statistics China's electric heating tube manufacturers have tens of thousands of manufacturers, of which the more famous are the Sino-Japanese electric, Hangzhou River , Hangzhou Zuo Paisi, Zhenjiang Oriental Electric, Ningbo Senna, Changzhou Xi Ma Te and so on. Today, after decades of continuous development, electric tube products, including electric water heaters, microwave ovens, ovens, kitchen utensils, electric kettles, dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners and other household appliances. Especially in recent years in product variety, quantity and application penetration rate into a rapid development stage. Due to the development of society, the product structure of electric heating pipe has also been developed with the development of electric heating application technology, engineering technology, material technology and equipment technology. Especially in the rapid development of electric heating elements today, the electric heating tube is used as electric heating element series A major representative of the product in the market application is increasingly widespread and popular; but the electric tube and its products in the relevant technical research, manufacturing process and the actual use of the process, there are still many unsatisfactory places and problems , Still need the relevant technical personnel, national departments, scientific research units, institutions of higher learning, manufacturing enterprises and other joint efforts. Therefore, the changes in the times, the progress of science and technology is the root cause of the direct development of electric heating tube also plays an active role in the electric heating business.

The reason for the rapid development of electric tube

    The widely used electric tube is obvious to everyone, the market is also a variety of electric tube varieties, the application areas are also expanding, according to the analysis of the reasons for the rapid development of electric tube is: heating pipe heating equipment Compared with other heating equipment has a great advantage, so the electric tube springing up, the following simple summary of the reasons for the rapid development of electric tube.

    I. The manufacturing process is simple

    Electric tube production process is simple, but it can not tolerate the hoarding, its core lies in the internal resistance wire, magnesium powder and pipe, the material is determined by the merits of the quality of electric tube quality is good or bad.

    II. Costs are low cost

    Electric tube cheap, the use of materials are basically stainless steel, with good power performance, long-term use can save a lot of cost for the enterprise expenses. III. Easy and convenient operation

    Electric tube easy to use, as long as it can be heated by heating, through the thermal effect of the current, you can quickly raise the temperature to the effect we need, compared to the old way of heating a lot easier.

    IV. Work more efficient

    Electric heat pipe is through the current will be converted into thermal energy to work, the voltage can be adjusted in the use of basic to meet our high temperature needs.

Development trend of electric heating tube

    The development of electric heating follows the same laws as other industries. From the advanced use of the development of the family to the family; the product from the simple structure of the continuous development of complex and sophisticated structure; from a single function for the multi-functional and gradually to the intelligent Development; products from low to high.

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