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Duct type electric heaters
Sep 27, 2017

Duct type electric heaters, heat pipe is in a seamless metal pipe (carbon steel pipe, titanium, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe) into the heating wire, gap filled with good thermal conductivity and insulation of magnesia powder and then shrink tube, then processed into various type of the user's needs. It has simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength and good adaptability to bad environment. It can be used for the heating of various liquids and acid base salts, as well as the melting of metals in low melting points (lead, zinc, tin and babbitt alloy).


Small size and large power:

The heater adopts cluster tubular electric heating element first. The heat response is fast, the control temperature is high, the comprehensive thermal efficiency is high. High heating temperature: heater design task highest temperature can reach 850 ℃. Average temperature of medium outlet temperature and high temperature control. Using wide limits, and strong adaptability, the heater can be used in explosion-proof or popular place, explosion-proof grade of d Ⅱ class B and class C, pressure of 20 mpa. Long life and high reliability: this heater is made of special thermal data, designed with low power load and multiple maintenance, so that the electric heater can be added safely and life. Fully active temperance: according to the requirements of the heater circuit design, the export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters can be easily controlled, and can be connected with the computer computer. The energy saving results are obvious, and the heat generated by the electricity is 100 percent to the heating medium.

The heater is a kind of energy which is used to heat energy to heat the heating materials. In the task of cryogenic fluid through a pipe into its imports, while under the effects of pressure along the electric heating container within specific in hot runner, apply the design way of fluid thermodynamics principle, take occurred in the electric heating element task of the high temperature thermal energy, cause the heating medium temperature, electric heater exports to obtain the technological requirements of high temperature medium. The internal control system of the electric heater is used to adjust the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor of the outlet temperature sensor, and the temperature of the medium temperature of the outlet is averaged. Fever when overtemperature fever components, components of self-reliance of overheating maintenance installation immediately cut off the heating power, prevent over temperature heating material provoked metamorphosis, coking, carbonation, serious cause fever components burn out, useful extension of electric heater using life.

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