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Electric heater - electric energy and calculation
Jun 25, 2018

Electric heater - electric energy and calculation

If the pure resistance circuit:

       Because it is almost pure resistance circuit, so the formula for the P = VI. V is the

 voltage, and I is the current. The power is mainly related to the resistivity. In general, 

with the material of the electric wire, the greater the diameter, the smaller the resistance,

 the greater the power. That is, after winding into the coil, the size and shape of the coil 

power is not much impact.

If the non-pure resistance circuit:

1, the first need to determine the heating time (H) and temperature difference (degrees),

 how long the degree of how much from the degree, this parameter is very important. If the 

time is very short, then the required heating power may be large, waste of energy; if a long 

time, the equipment preparation time is long, need a balance point.

2, the main equipment of the air volume (cubic meters), including the pipeline, estimate it.

3, air specific gravity 1.16 (Kg / m3), specific heat 0.24kcal / kg ℃.

4, there are heating efficiency, generally 0.5 to 0.6.

Calculated by the following formula: Heating power (KW) = (volume X specific gravity X specific

 heat X temperature difference) / (860X temperature rise time X efficiency).

Electrothermal energy calculation formula: electric heat Q = I ^ 2Rt = IUt = Pt,

Among them, the voltage symbol U, the current symbol I, the resistance symbol R, R is called the

 object's resistance coefficient or resistivity, which is related to the material of the object,

 the value is equal to the unit length, the unit area of the object at 20 ℃ resistance.

Common conductor resistivity

Common resistivity of the conductor at 20 ℃ when the resistivity (? Ω? M)

Silver 0.016

Copper 0.0172

Gold 0.022

Aluminum 0.029

Zinc 0.059

Iron 0.0978

Lead 0.206

Mercury 0.958

Carbon 25

Copper (54% copper, 46% nickel) 0.50

Manganese copper (86% copper, 12% manganese, 2% nickel) 0.43

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