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Electric tube cracking may be related to the material
Jun 18, 2018

The opening of the electric tube is also called burst pipe, many customers have encountered such

 a problem, today, and the first to talk about the material with the burst pipe.

    Generally, the choice of electric tube pipe is generally made of stainless steel pipe,

 according to the specific use of different stainless steel pipe material is not the same.

 General pipe will lead to heating tube tube factors are: the thickness of the wall is too thin, 

the material selection error or quality problems, the use of a seam pipe. The general thickness

 of the pipe wall is 0.8 units, if too thin will lead to very vulnerable to external or under 

the use of the case of damage; stainless steel pipe according to the different forms can be

 divided into seamless pipe and seamless pipe, sewn is a whole pipe Is not prone to damage, 

and seamless pipe is welded steel bar is relatively easy to occur tube phenomenon. Generally,

 if the phenomenon of frequent explosion can be considered and manufacturers to communicate the

 wall thickness to do a little thick or use seamless pipe to protect the normal use and service


    In addition, the electric tube inside the hot tube of magnesium powder damp, then there will

 be the possibility of burst pipe, which requires manufacturers to improve the production process,

 processing technology is excellent, Best of the electric tube products we can rest assured that

 the purchase, quality technology double protection.

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