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Electrothermal tube magnesium oxide powder smelting process to be stable
Jan 17, 2018

Electrothermal tube magnesium oxide powder smelting process to be stable

A smelting out of the magnesium block crystal quality, impurity content; if the smelting artificially lower the temperature, or switch to coal sintering, only the smelting of the magnesium block of the crystallization temperature is about 2800 ℃, Can reach 900 ℃, you can not effectively remove impurities, this light burned or heavy burning magnesium can not be used as electric heating pipe filler used.

The recommended smelting method is as follows:

Magnesium oxide is the first raw material with magnesite ore in the 800 ℃ temperature melting, the ore decomposition, carbon dioxide test part disappeared, and the formation of magnesite; and then ground into powder. In the powder: the length of about 10% of the water by mixing and governance made of 5 x 50 x 100 about the clumps, after drying into the electric arc furnace melting in the melting process, some impurities are evaporated, and some Precipitation in the frit edge, so the melting block in the MgO content is greatly improved, because the melting of the frit has different levels, the color and chemical composition of each layer is also different, the central part of the highest purity of MgO> 95 % Of the crystallization of the longest up to 80rr Second, the color was white or light green; the first layer with the rise of the amount of significant decline in O 85 to 90% of the fine white crystal; the third layer and the outer layer is only sintered or structure From change, 'was dark brown color. , '

In the smelting of the first soil powder on the bottom of the arc as the insulation layer, and then put a layer of dry clumps, if the use of three-phase electric arc furnace to be artificial short-circuit, arc phase starting phase until all three-phase arc Can be gradually feeding, the first feeding should not be too much, until the bottom of the clump melting, the current increases, the electrode height can be slightly elevated to maintain the current rating, while continuing to feed, to be stable after the arc, When the current exceeds the rated value, the electrode is slightly improved until all the refining is good, and then all the electrodes mention off the furnace, the furnace material can be baked after the natural cooling, the selection of the central part of the white, the best by testing, Hgo Li content of 95% were broken, crushed to 50 a 100 or so, and through the magnetic separator to remove magnetic impurities in the powder (such as iron, iron oxide, etc.) and then drying standby.

Electric arc furnace selection: the melting point of magnesium oxide is very high; at 2800 ℃, it is difficult to make the material flow, so the capacity of the furnace should not be too much, or more difficult to bake, while the secondary voltage transformer should not be greater than 120 volts, 80 to 120 volts, because the higher the voltage, the longer the arc, the electrode under the lump surface melting too fast, the corresponding rise in current is too fast, only to enhance the electrode to reduce the current, resulting in clumps can not be completely melted, Impurities can not be a good volatilization, it can not be refined out of high purity magnesium oxide.

Some use single-phase electric arc furnace, a pole electrode installed in the bottom of the stove, a pole mounted on top, can be free lift, the beginning is the electric arc furnace type, after the material itself becomes an electric heat, so high purity oxidation Magnesium, but its shortcomings are low output, difficult to bake, power consumption, the bottom of the magnesium oxide easy to carburizing, so the general use of three-phase electric arc furnace production plant.

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