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Explosion-proof electric heater
Sep 27, 2017

Explosion-proof electric heater is an international popular electric heating equipment with high quality and long life. Used for heating, heating and heating of liquid and gaseous medium. When the heating medium under the effect of pressure by electric heater heating cavity, on the principle of fluid thermodynamics evenly away the intense heat generated by electric heating element work, make the heating medium temperature meet the requirements of the user process.

Working principle:

The explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of energy consumption which is converted into heat energy to heat the heating material. Work in cryogenic fluid through the pipe under the action of pressure into the input port, along the electric heating container within specific in hot runner, the path of the design with the principle of fluid thermodynamics, take away the heat energy produced by electric heating element work, make the heating medium temperature, electric heater export process requirements of the high temperature medium. The internal control system of the electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the outlet, so that the medium temperature of the outlet is even. When heating element overtemperature, heating element of independent overheating protection device immediately cut off the heating power supply, avoid heating material overtemperature caused coking, metamorphism, carbonation, serious when cause heating element damage, effectively extending the service life of the electric heater.

Anti-explosion principle:

Explosion-proof electric heater is generally used in the dangerous situation of xx may exist, because there are a flammable and explosive in the surrounding environment of oil, gas, dust, etc., once came into contact with electric spark can cause xx, so on this occasion will need to use explosion-proof heater heating. The main explosion-proof measures of the explosion-proof heaters are in the junction box of the heater. For different heating occasions, the level of explosion protection of the heater is different, depending on the situation.

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