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Fish tank heater
Dec 19, 2017

Fish tank heater

Basic Analysis

1, the life of the heating rod: the general recommendations of the general heating rod with a best two years to change, because his internal bimetallic time with a long time, prone to failure of things, after all, not very expensive things, for a His mind is also more practical, so that some unnecessary losses.

2. Glass is good or stainless steel is good: This is difficult to say, each have their own advantages, the general glass with low prices (except for some special process), the use of a wide range of applications can be used in a variety of aquariums, Disadvantage is easy to break. Large fish tank, if used, must be equipped with a protective cover, so that the fish get rotten. The advantages of stainless steel is obvious, to the solid, durable, the appearance looks very texture. But the drawback is that some corrosive environment can not be used, such as sea water tank.

3. Quality: Heater can be a good or bad from many different places, not necessarily expensive, there are some expensive, he used the glass is not the same, not the same as heating wire, and some joined the explosion-proof performance, to avoid the glass burst, If you are not careless, these estimates are of no use to you. This greatly affects the price of the heating rod, but if he does not jump bimetal, then often high-grade heating rods to cook fish soup faster. There are stainless steel, and many are used to control the temperature of the electronic, by a thermistor to detect water temperature, after the conversion control relay or high-power thyristor, etc., to control the heating tube off. This accuracy is better than the average Of the bimetallic high, but if the thermistor or thyristor and other problems, his heating rate is faster than the average glass.

4. Heating bar repair: If the glass is generally broken glass, so that only for a shell, the general market has a special glass tube to sell, for the time being careful not to double the metal above the adjustable snail Another move to the attention of sealing not leaking (can be summarized as nonsense). Stainless steel generally nothing to repair the first, and bad for the best one. If it is outside the thermostat can find a general appliance repair shop, so that they help to see, most of the SCR burned.

5. 1 liter water relative to 1.5W-2W of the heating rod is best, for example, my tank water capacity is 100 liters, you can use 150W to 200W (see Figure 1). of. If a large cylinder, such as 300-400 liters of water tank capacity, should use 500W of the tank, but try to buy two 300W, so there is a benefit that is faster heating evenly, you can put a side of the tank. Said that even if there is a problem does not occur quickly raise the water temperature.

6. Use experience: When the usual use of the heating rod if the shell is broken, we do not panic, the general will not be dead fish, as long as the power out for a break on the line a lot of friends are changing the water When not pay attention to, not to heat the bar is broken, when the water gradually decreased, lower than the heating rod, heating rods due to uneven heating, shell fragmentation, then if there are fish in the vicinity, then. ....... normal use is generally not bad, are all in the water or cleaning out when the water, no power, or accidentally encountered a hard place caused. Pay attention to power out after a while out, or residual temperature burns.


Currently popular on the market there are two main structure.

First, the direct use of bimetallic temperature control, simply put in the heating bar is placed inside a bimetallic, bimetal should be used on both sides of the different materials, thermal expansion coefficient, the use of this point can be reached You set the temperature automatically disconnected, the advantage of simple structure, low cost, relatively high reliability. The general regular manufacturers and the difference between fake and shoddy goods is a big difference in this place, and fake using inferior things, the use of a period of time prone to fatigue, resulting in the set temperature does not jump, resulting in not To restore the results. Disadvantage is that no matter what kind of material bimetallic, have an aging period, so I suggest you use in the above 2 years can be a change.

The second is the use of thermistor detection temperature, with SCR, etc. to control the heating rod on-off.

1) thermistor and heating rod in one, this advantage is the installation of more convenient, not too many lines, looks more attractive. Disadvantages is precisely because the thermistor and the heating rod from the more recent, often resulting in the heating rod internal temperature has actually reached the set temperature, and the fish tank water temperature did not reach the set stability, we usually use the You can see, the heating rod is generally added for a while to stop, and then after a while there began to heat up.

2) thermistor and heating rod is not in one, the advantage is that the heating faster, you can thermistor and heating rods were placed farther away, so just to overcome the above 1) in the Shortcomings. But his shortcomings are obvious, the first is more of a thermistor line, looks uncomfortable

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