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Flanged electric heating tube
Sep 27, 2017

Flange of the electric heating tube flange generally divided into threaded flange and flange, threaded flange size tend to have 1 inch, 1.2 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch with more, threaded flange pipe generally applicable to small heating power, average power set to a few kilowatts to 10 kw. Evenly distributed in the high temperature resistant stainless steel seamless tube of high temperature resistance wire, dense part in gap to fill in the performance of thermal conductivity and good insulation performance are the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, this kind of structure not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and even heating, when high temperature resistance wire in an electric current passes through the heat to the metal surface diffusion through crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, then passed to the heated or air, achieve the purpose of heating. The flange size can be changed, the size also can change shape. Simple flange heating tube is made of the heating pipe welding on the flange together and then for heating.

Product advantages:

1. The surface power is large, which is 2 ~ 4 times of the surface load of air heating.

2. High density and compact structure. Because the whole is short and dense, the stability is good, installation need not support.

3, combined mostly adopts argon arc welding mode makes electric heat pipe and flange connection, also can use the form of a fastening device, namely each electric heat pipe welding with fasteners, then use nut lock, with flange cover tube to fasteners with argon arc welding, never leak. The fastener sealing place takes the scientific process, the single branch replacement is extremely convenient, greatly saves the maintenance cost in the future.

4. Select imported and domestic high-quality materials, scientific production process, strict quality management, ensure the excellent electrical performance of electric heating pipe.

Process and features:

Technology: flange type and most of the electric heating tube is made by argon arc welding way makes Yu Falan connected to electric heating tube for centralized heating, also can use the form of a fastening device, namely each electric heat pipe welding on the fasteners. Then use the nut lock with flange cover. The pipe is connected by argon arc welding and never leak. The fastener seal adopts scientific technology.

Features: it is mainly used for heating in open type, enclosed solution box and circulating system

Its surface power is large, and the surface load of air heating is 2 ~ 4 times.

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