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Forming glass high temperature electric heating tube
Jun 12, 2018

Single-head heating tube, also known as single-head heating bar, the English name for "cartridge heaters" industrial-grade electric heating pipe mostly stainless steel sus304, sus310s, Incoloy800-840 austenitic stainless steel as a heating pipe jacket, different materials In different use of the environment. The heating tube single-ended outlet structure, the surface load is high, the pipe diameter tolerance is small, the use of high temperature characteristics, much mold industry - machinery manufacturing and other industries welcome, while the indicators are heating pipe industry JB / T2379-93 standard production And its moisture-proof performance, insulation properties, high wattage density, high temperature characteristics, the use of comprehensive performance in a dominant position.


     Stainless steel single-head heating tube - heating bar production process is fine, usually through the process of more than 20 made of the use of high-purity high-temperature magnesium oxide rod as a heating pipe filling material, the material has good thermal conductivity, high temperature, Insulation performance and other advantages; round single-head heating tube mostly used in high-purity magnesium oxide rod wound alloy heating wire of the process, the process to a certain extent, improve the insulation of the insulation, temperature uniformity ;


     Single-head heating tube - heating rods using single-ended outlet there are two main ways, one for: external wiring structure process, the other is: the internal lead-out structure. Users can choose according to different use and use of occasions. The way the wiring leads to the outlet, the way the outlet makes the heating tube has a higher resistance to high temperature characteristics and conductivity.

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