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Heating coil
Dec 04, 2017

Heating coil

Also known as electric heating coil, heating coil heating coil. Electric heating alloy wires for heating materials, MICA flexible sheets (sometimes with a ceramic core) as insulating material. Mainly used in electric kettles and other electrical appliances.

Heating coil in thin metal plate (aluminum, stainless steel, etc). Typical applications such as electric thermos. The metal tubular electric heating elements cast in aluminum plate, aluminum plate or welding or embedded in the aluminum plate, aluminum plate constitutes various forms of electric heating, electric heating. For example, typical applications such as rice cookers, electric irons, electric coffee pot, and so on.

Turn electricity into heat to heat objects. Is a form of energy use. Compared with ordinary fuel heating, electric heating to high temperatures (such as arc, temperatures of up to 3,000 DEG), easy to realize automatic control and remote control of temperature, vehicle-mounted electric heating Cup

Objects may need to be heated to maintain a certain temperature distribution. Electric heating heats objects directly in heating, the thermal efficiency is high, temperature rises rapidly, and according to the heating process, the whole uniform heating and local heating (including heating), easily achieve a vacuum heating and climate control heating. During the heating process, resulting in less waste, residues and soot, can keep the heated object clean, does not pollute the environment. Therefore, the electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, scientific research and experimental. Especially in single crystal and transistor manufacturing, machinery parts and surface hardening, Ferroalloy smelting and the manufacture of artificial graphite, and so on, using electric heating method.

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