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Heating phosphating tank (corrosive liquid) Why use seamless thickening stainless steel 316L heating pipe
Apr 11, 2018

The choice of heating pipe also need to vary, depending on the use of the environment corresponding to the different materials of the heating pipe, heating phosphating tank (corrosive liquid) in the need for anti-corrosive liquid material, so as to make the heating pipe will not Oxidized, burned, long life. As producers and users of the more commonly used 316L material, but often many customers mistakenly believe 316 is 316L, 316 stainless steel heating pipe on the election material, but the use of a period of time will feel and want not the same. Two kinds of material confusion, we need to sort out the analysis, so as to be able to more clearly understand the meaning of each material.

First, from the composition of the material, as follows:

316 contains elements of material composition

C? 0.08, Si? 1.00, Mn? 2.00, P? 0.035, S? 0.03, Ni: 10.0-14.0, Cr: 16.0-18.5, Mo: 2.0-3.0.

316L contains elements of material composition

0.03, Si? 1.00, Mn? 2.00, P? 0.035, S? 0.03, Ni: 10.0-14.0, Cr: 16.0-18.5, Mo: 2.0-3.0.

 From the above can be seen 316L carbon content of less than 0.03, more simply speaking, the biggest difference in the use of 316L ultra-low carbon, so welding, 316L carbon is not easy precipitation and chromium combined into chromium carbide, can reduce the welding part Corrosion, 316L stainless steel is also resistant to erosion of marine and erosive industrial atmosphere. Therefore, in the heating of corrosive liquids such as phosphate tank, it is best to recommend a seamless thickening of stainless steel 316L material heating pipe.

Under this proposition to share with you under the stainless steel heating tube in the heating phosphate tank (corrosive liquid) easy to blow the reason:

Phosphating pool environment are normal high acid, strong acid material, and our stainless steel heating pipe shell is usually stainless steel, 304 material, 321 material, 316 material, 316L material, titanium and other materials, but not all materials are Can be applied in this environment, can not meet the strong corrosive phosphating tank of the material environment, please consider giving up, in a strong corrosive environment, we must choose thicker pipe thick to corrosion resistance.

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