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Heating wire
Dec 04, 2017

Heating wire

Iron chrome aluminum, and nickel chrome electric alloy its anti-oxidation performance General are strong, but due to furnace contains various gas, like air, and carbon atmosphere, and sulfur atmosphere and hydrogen, and nitrogen atmosphere and so on, these gas on components in high temperature using Xia are has must of effect, although various electric alloy in factory zhiqian are for has anti-oxidation processing, but in transport, and around business, and installation, link Shang will in must degree Shang caused components injury, and reduced using life, for extended using life, requirements customer in using Qian for pre oxidation processing, Its approach is to install electric heating alloy components, ohmic heating in dry air below allows the maximum use temperature of the alloy 100-200, 5-10 hour, and slow cooling furnace can be.

1, Fe-CR alloy series main advantages and disadvantages: advantages: iron-chromium-aluminum alloys for electrical heating its temperature is high, the maximum service temperatures up to 1400 degrees, (0Cr21A16Nb, 0Cr27A17Mo2, etc), long service life, the surface load, good oxidation resistance, high resistivity, and inexpensive. Short of removing the advertising: mainly low high temperature strength, increases as the temperature rises the plasticity, easy deformation components, unbending, and repair.

2, NI-CR alloy series main advantages and disadvantages: advantages: high temperature strength of Fe-CR-Al high deformation under high temperature, its structure is not easy to change, and plastic is good, easy to fix, its high rate of radiation, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, long life and so on. Disadvantages: due to scarce nickel made of metal, so this series of Fe-CR-Al higher product prices up to several times, using a temperature lower than that of Fe-CR-al.

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