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Heavy duty type explosion - proof electric heater safe use 6 - step rule
Jun 09, 2018

Heavy duty type explosion - proof electric heater safe use 6 - step rule

Heavy duty type explosion - proof electric heater safe use 6 - step rule

Usually we are introducing some of the application of electric heater knowledge and some of the

 types of electric heaters, are often introduced are some light small electric heater products. 

Today we introduce some of the industrial heavy oil-type electric heater in some of the operationa

l considerations.

Heavy oil type electric heater its shape is relatively large, and in operation if there is a high

 risk of improper use of the risk factor, so the person in charge of the operation is necessary 

to carry out some professional knowledge, which is not only responsible for their own business.

Heavy oil type electric heater operation flow is as follows:

The first step, before use, we must first check the current insulation resistance, not less than

 1 trillion, if the insulation value does not meet the requirements, you can preheat, has reached

 the standard value.

The second step, before closing the bypass valve before opening the import and export valves, and

 so on more than 10 minutes, try the oil temperature, there is a certain temperature before power 

transmission. Do not open the bypass valve during use.

The third step, the use of money to open the throttle and then open the door, stop, first turn off

 the door and then shut down the throttle.

The fourth step, the use of steps: close the size of the air switch and power on the main switch.

 Adjust the control distance according to the current requirements.

The fifth step, the electric heater before use, should be carried out every day of the test, if 

found to have any security risks should be repaired, shall not be used.

The sixth cloth, the electric heater is an electric heater element, and heavy oil type electric

 heater in use, if the use of oil quality is better temperature can be controlled at 60 degrees, 

if the oil quality is poor, the temperature can not be high At 40 degrees.

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