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Hot runner supplier selection
Dec 09, 2017

Hot runner supplier selection

Hot runner supplier selection

Mold manufacturing company in the design of the hot runner mold, not simply to the hot runner supplier to buy a hot runner system installed on the mold is finished. In fact, mold manufacturing companies and hot runner suppliers, from hot runner mold concept design stage, to the actual mold making process, to the final use of the mold, there are many close in the technical and commercial aspects of the Coordination and cooperation. Therefore, mold manufacturing companies and mold users should choose a good hot runner suppliers. In the choice of a hot runner suppliers, it is necessary to focus on two basic aspects, one of the hot runner suppliers of hot runner components of the quantity and quality of the second is the hot runner suppliers in the region of the mold user technical support And after-sales service.

1. Quantity and Quality of Hot Runner Components

Have introduced the hot runner system a total hot tip (HOT TIP), pouring type (SPRUE GATING) and valve

Needle (VALVE GATING) three types. In fact, in each type can be broken down into many product lines. Such as hot tip nozzle (NOZZLE) in the runner cross-sectional diameter can often vary from 4 mm to 12 mm, nozzle also made with the size of the different product lines. The nozzle gate insert also has many variants to meet different application requirements. So to choose the hot runner supplier's product line as rich as possible. So that the user can have a greater choice of hot runner components, the use of hot runner production of plastic parts types, size, weight and scope of application will be more extensive, more conducive to optimizing the injection molding process and improve product quality.

In the injection molding processing of plastic products, hot runner system and hot runner mold is in high temperature and high pressure dynamic load state

work. Many factors contribute to the failure of hot runner system components. And injection molding processing is mainly used in large quantities of plastic parts production. Once there is any cut-off phenomenon, the economic loss is very serious. So the quality and reliability of the hot runner system is very important. Customers should thoroughly examine the quality and application history of hot runner components produced by hot runner suppliers. Some of the more excellent hot runner manufacturers have been ISO international quality standard certification.

2. Technical support and after-sales service

In the use of hot runner mold, in addition to the first to choose a reliable hot runner system, the user should also consider in case of any hot runner problems, can get timely and effective technical support and after-sales service this important factor. Many hot runner suppliers in their company headquarters in countries and regions have a strong technical support and service network, and is available at any time to visit customers for troubleshooting dedicated service personnel. However, these companies away from their headquarters in other countries and regions, is often only set up some focus on hot runner product sales offices. Technical support is relatively less than many. Users should pay attention to this factor.

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