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How to design an electric heater
Jun 22, 2018

1. Calculate the required power from the initial temperature to the set temperature within the 

specified time. 2. Calculate the power of the sustaining temperature required to maintain the 

temperature of the medium

3, according to the above two kinds of calculation results, select the heater model and quantity.

 The total power takes the maximum of the two powers above and takes into account the 1.2


Electric heater calculation formula:

1, the initial heating required power

   KW = (C1M1? T + C2M2? T) ÷ 864 / P + P / 2

   Where C1C2 is the specific heat of the vessel and the medium (Kcal / Kg ℃)

       M1M2 are the quality of the container and the media (Kg)

       △ T is the difference between the desired temperature and the initial temperature (° C)

       H is the time required to heat the initial temperature to the set temperature (h)

       P Heat capacity of container under final temperature (Kw)

  2, to maintain the required temperature of the medium temperature pumping

       KW = C2M3 △ T / 864 + P

      Where: M3 increases the media per hour kg / h

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