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How to Ensure the Service Life of Heating
Jan 18, 2018

How to Ensure the Service Life of Heating

Electric tube is a measure of the temperature of the working body of a calorimeter. And heat to deal with this will affect its life, then how to extend the life of electric heating pipe it? Here we have high electrical heating these methods tell you:

1, the electric tube should be stored in a dry warehouse, if the long-term placement, surface moisture, measured in the use of megger insulation resistance. If less than 1 megohm / 500 volts, it should be placed in the 200-degree heating tube drying oven;

2, if the heating tube is in use for a long time, if the surface accumulation of thick pipe scale, grease, should be regularly removed, otherwise it will heat pipe heat transfer performance caused by pipe surface heat load exceeds the rated allowable damage;

3, if the selection of heating tubes should pay special attention to heating medium. Should be non - corrosive effect of the electric tube shell material;

4, heating part of the heating tube should be fully immersed in the heating medium, to avoid heat dissipation and more than allowed to heat the heating tube temperature damage.

5, wiring leads to the exposed part of the heater should be in the insulation layer or heater, so that this part should not be overheated and damaged; its terminals, the application of two nuts in the wiring is relatively tight, not too much force to avoid lead The power supply, the voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage marked on the various electric heating pipe, such as apply to less than the rated voltage, the heat generated by the heating tube will be decreased, etc. Wait.

    These methods can also be said to be the details of all the attention, I believe that the life of the electric tube will be longer!

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