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How to Properly Use Electric Heating
Jan 19, 2018

How to Properly Use Electric Heating

Extend the service life of the heating tube, not only to choose the right design with the perfect high-quality, while in the use of the process is also very important today, we give you some of the normal use of heating tube be careful:

1. Heating part of the heating tube should be fully immersed in the heating medium, to avoid heat dissipation and not allow more than allow the heating temperature of the electric tube damage. Also, the wiring lead-out part should be exposed outside the insulation layer of the heater or the heater, so that this part should not be overheated and be damaged.

2. Input power, the voltage should not exceed a variety of electric heating pipe marked on the rated voltage of 10%, if applied to less than the rated voltage, electric heat generated by the tube will decline.

3. Electric tube terminals, the application of two nuts in the wiring is relatively tight, do not force too much to avoid loosening of the lead screw leads to damage the electric tube



4. The terminals of the electric heating pipe should be kept clean and dry. Otherwise, the insulation performance will be shortened. If the environment of chemical corrosion, flammable, explosive or other liquid or gas is used, the wiring of electric heating pipe should be insulated Seal to strict protection to prevent accidents.

5 heating some viscose and other substances, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid, paraffin, etc., should be heated to reduce the power supply voltage to reduce the heat of the electric tube until all the molten into a liquid, and then rose to rated Voltage for heating.

 6. Selection of electric heating tube should pay special attention to heating medium, the shell material should be no effect of electric heating.

 7. The use of electric heating pipe, if the surface accumulation of thick pipe scale, grease, should be regularly removed, otherwise it will reduce the heat pipe heat pipe surface heat load caused by the rated allowable damage.

 8. Stainless steel heating tube should be stored in a dry warehouse, if the long-term placement, surface moisture, measured in the use of megger insulation resistance. If less than 1 megohm / 500 volts, it should be placed in a 200-degree heating tube drying oven.

 9. Special heating tube should be installed before use to read the instructions in detail, so as not to damage it.

We summed up the above several points, hoping to bring some help to customers, of course, a specific analysis of specific issues related to specific issues if unclear, you can call us!

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