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How to verify the advantages and disadvantages of electric tube
Jun 22, 2018

How to verify the quality of electric tube Verify the advantages and disadvantages of the most

 intuitive way is: first electric tube surface wipe, and then connected to the AC 220V power 

supply, dry in the air, the surface after the red power, until the electric tube completely 

cooled , Wipe with a napkin, white paper should be no black oxidation powder (not with the 

oxygen in the air reaction), that for the high-quality electric tube.

Carbon fiber heating body is the most competitive high-tech materials of this century, it appears

 in the field of electric heating set off a new revolution, carbon fiber heating body alternative

 to metal heating body will become an inevitable trend.

First, the product profile

This product heating body substrate for the imported materials, with a large power margin,

 high temperature, high heat capacity, long life, and the power can be adjusted and so on.

 Carbon fiber quartz electric tube products, in line with GB / T2423.3-1993 Electronic and

 electrical products base

The environmental test procedures, test Ca: constant damp heat test methods and GB4706.1-1992

 household and similar electrical safety requirements.

Second, the product performance characteristics

1, electrical performance and stability

Carbon fiber quartz heating tube in the power after the frequent start, shut down and long-term

 continuous work, the power stability within a certain tolerance range, will not produce any

 instantaneous power shock.

2, high thermal efficiency, energy than the average metal heating body more than 30%, heating 

speed extremely fast Carbon fiber heating body is a kind of pure black material, so with rapid 

heating, small thermal lag, heat evenly, heat radiation transmission distance, heat exchange 

rate Fast and so on. The process of luminous flux is much smaller than the metal heating element

 of the electric tube, electric conversion efficiency of up to 95% or more (that is, you use

 1000w ordinary electric tube, with carbon fiber heating tube when only 700w).

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