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Infra-red heater
Dec 04, 2017

Infra-red heater

Use of infra-red radiation objects, objects after absorbing infra-red, radiant energy into thermal energy and heat.

Infrared is an electromagnetic wave. In the solar spectrum, beyond the red end of the visible light is a kind of invisible radiation. In the electromagnetic spectrum, between 0.75~1000 micrometers in the infrared wavelength range, between 3x10~4x10 kHz frequency range. In industrial applications, infrared spectroscopy is often divided into several bands: 0.75~3.0 micron for the near infrared region; 3.0~6.0-micron infrared; 6.0~15.0 microns of far-infrared region; 15.0~1000 microns of far-infrared region. Of different objects to infrared absorption ability, even the same object on absorption of different wavelengths of infrared light are not the same. Application of infrared heating, according to the type of object to be heated, select the appropriate source of infrared radiation, its absorption of radiation energy in the object to be heated within the wavelength range, to get better heating effect.

Electric infrared heating is actually a special form of resistance heating, tungsten, Fe-NI and NI-CR alloy materials such as radiators, made of radiation sources. Power, the thermal radiation due to its electrical resistance heating. Electric infrared heating emitters are commonly used light (reflective), tubular (quartz-tube) and form (flat) three. Lamp type is an infrared bulb, tungsten wires for radiation, the tungsten filament sealed in inert gas-filled glass shell, like ordinary light bulbs. Radiator power fever (temperature lower than general lighting bulbs), thus emitting a lot around a wavelength of 1.2-Micron infrared light. If the shell plating on the inside wall of the glass reflector can be infrared radiation concentrated in one direction, so lamp type also known as reflective infra-red radiators infra-red radiation source. Hose is made with quartz glass tubes of infra-red radiation source, the middle is a tungsten filament, also known as quartz tube infrared radiators. Lamp type and tube-launched 0.7~3 micrometers in wavelength of the infrared range, lower working temperature, commonly used for light and textile industry of heating, baking, drying and infrared rays from medical treatments. Plate type infrared radiation sources radiation surface is a plane, by the resistance of flat plates, front of the resistive plate coated with a reflection coefficient of materials, tails are coated with a reflection coefficient of materials, so most of the heat radiation emitted by a positive out of it. Plate working temperature up to 1000 ℃ above, can be used in iron and steel materials and annealing of welds of large diameter pipes and containers.

Due to the infrared has a strong penetrating power, easy to be absorbed, and, once absorbed, and immediately converted to heat; infra-red heating energy loss, temperature control heating of high quality, result, infrared heating applications quickly.

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