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Introduction of heating board
Jun 26, 2017

Turn electrical energy into heat to heat the object. is a form of electric energy utilization. Compared with the general fuel heating, electric heating can obtain higher temperature (such as arc heating, temperature can reach 3,000 Shan or more), easy to realize the temperature of the automatic control and long-distance controls, car electric heating cup

The heated objects can be kept at a certain temperature distribution as needed. Electric heating can be heated inside the body directly heat, so the thermal efficiency is high, heating speed, and according to the heating process requirements, to achieve a whole uniform heating or local heating (including surface heating), easy to achieve vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In the process of electric heating, the resulting waste gas, residue and less soot, can keep the heating object clean, not pollute the environment. Therefore, electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, scientific research and testing. Especially in the manufacture of single crystal and transistor, mechanical parts and surface quenching, smelting of ferroalloy and manufacture of man-made graphite, electric heating method is adopted.

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