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Introduction of industrial armor thermal resistance of the selection of matters needing attention
Jun 20, 2018

Introduction of industrial armor thermal resistance of the selection of matters needing attention

Introduction of industrial armor thermal resistance of the selection of matters needing attention

Armored thermal resistance is a temperature sensor, when the available material in the temperature

 changes, the resistance also changes with the characteristics of the temperature to measure. When

 the resistance changes, the working instrument will show the corresponding value of the 

temperature value. It is smaller than the assembly of platinum resistance, easy to bend, suitable

 for installation in the narrow pipe and require rapid response, miniaturization and other special

 occasions. It can be 200 ~ 600 ℃ temperature range of gas, liquid medium and solid surface for 

automatic detection, and can be directly connected with copper wire and secondary instrument used,

 because it has good electrical output characteristics, for the display , Recorders, regulators,

 scanners, data loggers, and computers to provide accurate input values.

    Here we give you a brief introduction to the purchase of armored thermal resistance when the


    Armored thermal resistance from the metal maintenance tube, insulation materials and 

resistors of the three combination of cold drawn, rotary silver processing. The resistors in the

 armored thermal resistance are made of platinum wire in platinum and rhodium thermocouple or 

glasson brackets. The lead wire is made of steel wire or silver wire.


    Thermal resistance and appearance of the convergence of the instrument should be insulated

 copper wire, not the use of thermocouple compensation wire. The resistance value of the copper

 wire should be selected according to the data of the technical condition rules of the instrument.

 The resistance value of the wire can be adjusted by the DC balanced bridge.

    Can not be a thermal resistance and two display instruments in parallel use, only double-type

 thermal resistance can be used with two display instruments used together.

    Thermal resistance and its accessories are not used when the time, must be kept in the 

tungsten rhenium thermocouple from vibration and collision in the center. The most suitable

 storage conditions are: ambient temperature 10-35 ℃; relative humidity of not more than 80%; 

the surrounding air should not contain the formation of thermal resistance parts of the material 


    When the thermal resistance is wired, the terminal box is opened first and then wired.

 Wiring methods are generally two-wire and three-wire system. The advantage of the three-wire 

connection is to prevent the bimetallic thermometer due to the convergence of the wire resistance

 caused by the display of the indication error.

    Most of the thermal resistance of the length of the sensor is about 120mm, select the thermal

 resistance of the insertion depth, you should consider the thermal resistance can only amount of 

sensitive components near the range of the measured medium uniform temperature.

    The maximum operating temperature and working pressure of the thermal resistance shall not

 exceed the rated value of the thermal resistance. If the thermal resistance is to be used in 

corrosive media, a protective tube made of stainless steel shall be used. With the bending

 performance, armored thermistor in addition to the head, can be bent in any direction, so it is

 suitable for the structure is more complex, but also has good resistance to vibration, impact


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