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Knowledge of cable wire extruder and factory problem solving
Jun 11, 2018

Knowledge of cable wire extruder and factory problem solving

Knowledge of cable wire extruder and factory problem solving

Knowledge of cable extruder and factory problem solving

 1, the cable extruder principle:

       A, the use of screw rotation of the rubber material to shear and the material from the feed

 port to the direction of the head flow;

       B, the extruder feed area to preheat the compound, and the raw materials continue to move 

forward, while in the process of exclusion of water in the material;

       C, the compressed area of the feed area is mainly pushed over the raw materials to further 

heating the rubber material will be fully gelled and will be fully mixed, so that the material 

composition of the full;

       D, the measurement area of the main compression area of the raw materials further mixing, 

so that the compound is more uniform to ensure that the compound with a constant volume and 

pressure to push forward;

       E, the porous plate mainly by the rotation from the rotation to a straight line flow, and 

support the filter to filter the unmelted rubber particles and impurities, while increasing the 

extrusion pressure, so as to achieve the rubber material in the barrel retention time Complete

 full melting;

       F, the material flow through the nose shunt, and the diameter of the mold out of the 

required shape;


    2, the extruder due to different materials and set different temperatures, the following are 

all kinds of extrusion materials processing temperature:

       A, PP, PE material generally put out the temperature between 150 ℃ -230 ℃;

       B, PVC core material is generally out of each section temperature between 130 ℃ -190 ℃;

       C, PVC outside the material is generally extrusion out of the temperature between 120 ℃ 

-160 ℃;

       D, PU material is generally out of each section temperature between 150 ℃ -220 ℃;


    3, when the extrusion wire, the internal and external mold how to use?

       A, internal model selection principle:

          A, the extrusion of the inner crystal as the copper or the core of the total diameter of

 the decision (total diameter = number × 1.15 × a single diameter);

          B, core die extrusion to the total diameter + 0.1mm is appropriate;

          C, PVC outer mold to the total diameter + 0.4mm-0.6mm is appropriate (according to the 

core line set effect, the core is more round shape is smaller, the core is not round or plus cotton

 paper is larger Internal model);

       B, the principle of selection of external mold:

          A, PP, PE material to complete the outer diameter +0.4 mm, PVC material to complete the

 outer diameter +0.05 mm is appropriate;

          B, PVC outside the extrusion when the external mold used to complete the outer diameter


        Note: PVC outside the extrusion is selected by the core structure and the completion of 

the outer diameter of the larger impact;


    4, wire how to adjust the core?

       A, because the lock sleeve sets loose caused by eccentricity;

       B, wire rod offset is the nose lock sleeve to adjust the outer mold and carried out in the 

adjustment should be loose less tight for the principle;


    5, stranded over the purpose of preheating what?

       A, in order to increase the adhesion between the rubber and copper wire to enhance the core

 anti-swing performance.


    6, sparks machine what role? How to set the spark machine? Spark machine alarm should be how 

to deal with?

       A, the role of the spark machine is to detect the production of the core line of poor

 insulation (such as insulation thickness is not enough or exposed copper wire)

       B, the production of spark machine should be set at 3kv;

       C, the alarm should be immediately adjust the machine to solve this bad, and bad scrapped;


    7, what is the purpose of the filter?

       A, 1, filter unmelted material or impurities;

          2, adjust the pressure of the extrusion machine;

       B, to prevent the screw in the plastic scorched or hardened; filter is usually put two,

 800 mesh, 100 eyes out;


    8, why the tension of the crane can not be too tight or too loose?

       A, too tight will pull the core line, too loose will be broken lines and production;

       B, tension adjustment to feel like a sense of tightening thread;


    9, out of the role of oil or powder is what? Should pay attention to what?

       A, through the oil to prevent the adhesion of the core, the powder is to prevent the core

 and the external adhesion;

       B, over powder enough but not too much, otherwise it will cause poor appearance, with 

scissors stripping easy to peeling prevail;

       C, oil can not be too much, otherwise it will cause outside the bubble;


   10, wire plus AL, white cotton paper, nylon rope, cotton line Purpose:

       One is to improve the anti-swing performance, the other is the filling effect, so that the

 appearance of wire smooth.


   11, winding and weaving the purpose of what? What's the difference?

       A, the purpose is to improve the anti-jamming performance, attention to the process of 

shielding problem;

       B, the difference is that the shielding effect is different;


   12, PP material, general PVC, fire PVC 105 ℃ (with SR PVC) in the production of how to 


       A, through the combustion experiment (PVC 105 ℃ burning within a few seconds after the

 burning, PP material and general PVC is burning)

       B, after burning black residue for the general PVC, no residue after burning PP, and PP in

 the bubble from the burning, the general PVC will not.


   13, what causes the wire from the granulation? What should be done?

       Reason: A, the temperature is too low gelling bad;

             B, the temperature is too high gelling;

             C, the filter at the material or filter rupture;

             D, good raw materials;

    Treatment: A, appropriate heating;

              B, increase the number of filters;

              C, appropriate cooling and cleaning machine;

              D, replace the filter;

              F, shrink on the treatment is still bad can be judged as poor raw materials.


   14, what causes the wire bumps? How to deal with?

      PVC line reasons: A, the use of set or winding core line is not smooth;

                 B, the use of core line is not smooth;

       Approach: A, 1, shrink the outer mold or back the mold;

                    2, the use of external pressure;

                 B, the mold before the push to do semi-casing;


   15, what causes the rough wire? How to deal with?

           Core: A, PP material color master too much;

             B, the temperature is too low;

             C, the outer mold is too large;

        Treatment: A, according to conventional color masterbatch;

                  B, heating;

                  C, according to the provisions of the use;

        Outside: A, the temperature is too low;

             B, the outer mold is too large;

             C, after the mold;

        Treatment: A, heating to nose and eye mold temperature prevail;

                  B, shrink the outer mold;

                  C, before the model push;


   16, caused by how to deal with outside the light?

         Reason: A, the temperature is too high, especially the eye mold temperature;

               B, the model is too early, easy to produce head dead material;

               C, head dead material too much;

     Treatment: A, appropriate cooling (according to the actual situation, starting from the first

 section of the temperature and eye mold temperature);

               B, the inner mold slightly back;

               C, cleaning head;

   17, wire appearance What is the reason for the groove? What should be done

         Reason: A, the mold is too front, colloidal block die hole;

               B, filter breakage or impurity plugging die hole;

               C, mold rupture caused;

     Treatment: A, the internal mold back and rotate it several times;

               B, clean the mold or replace the mold.


   18, caused by wire uneven fog is the reason? What should be done?

         Reason: A, sink water shortage;

               B, eye mold temperature control instability;

               C, the temperature of the extrusion;

               D, raw lot number of different changes;

               E, caused by batch production;

     Treatment: A, keep the water level of the sink (especially the first section of the sink)

               B, through the machine repair or hair and other methods to stabilize;

               C, try to keep the machine temperature consistency or acceleration after the

 temperature adjustment;

               D, adjust the temperature control to keep the fog surface consistent;

               E, the first production and the production of the whiskey on the production;


   19, the first piece of inspection is essential, it should be when to do? Describe the specific

 content of the first paragraph.

       The first piece of inspection is the first product of the boot test, it should be in each 

time for the specifications or refueling when the first piece of inspection to ensure the

 follow-up product quality;

       Extrusion of the first test specific content is as follows:

       Core extrusion: a, copper wire size confirmation (number and a single specification);

                 B, core diameter confirmation;

                 C, the type of rubber to confirm (no noise);

                 D, partial core degree confirmation;

                 E, appearance confirmation;

       Outside the extrusion: a, inner specification or core specifications to confirm;

                 B, partial core degree confirmation;

                 C, outer diameter confirmation;

                 D, appearance confirmation;

                 E, peeling experiment;

                 F, fog confirmation;

                 G, raw material color confirmation

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