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Liquid Heater
Jun 26, 2017

The so-called liquid heater using benzene acid as heating reagent heater, wire reinforced refractory fiber layer, a two-layer cladding layer which is tightly combined with the full length distribution of the resistance wire strand and its center resistance wire strand compose a whole type of direct heating monomer which can be bent at will and closely contact with the heating piece, and the heating monomer is shaped by heating object. The size is repeated and formed around the strip, and then a wire is used to weave the multiple parallel monomers horizontally together, A braided high-temperature electric heater which can be directly used on the heated object is formed.

Precautions for use of liquid heaters

1, the liquid heater in the shape of the size of the figure "B" must be immersed in the oil to avoid burnout components. The heated oil should be non-corrosive.

2, SRY3 type of working liquid surface must be under the fastener, dimension line "B" above.

3, melting asphalt, paraffin and other solid oil should reduce the use of voltage, such as melting and then rise to the rated voltage. To prevent power concentration to reduce the service life of components.

4. When the surface of the tube is found to be carbon-bonded, it must be used again in order to avoid reducing efficiency and even burnout.

5, the components should be stored in the dry, if due to long-term placement and insulation resistance to less than 1 trillion euro, can be in the oven of 200 Shan or so drying for several hours (or the elements of low pressure through several hours), or restore insulation resistance.

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