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Measurement of Thermal Response Time of K Type Thermocouple
Dec 27, 2017

Measurement of Thermal Response Time of K Type Thermocouple

Measurement and Editing of Thermal Response Time for Type

Measurement of K-type thermocouple thermal response time is actually more complex, different test conditions will produce different measurement results, which is due to the surrounding medium heat transfer rate, heat transfer rate is high, the thermal response time is short .

In order to make the thermocouple thermal response time comparable, the national standard provides: thermal response time should be dedicated water flow test device. The flow rate of the device should be maintained at 0.4 ± 0.05 m / s, the initial temperature in the range of 5-45 ℃, the temperature step value of 40-50 ℃. During the test, the temperature change of water should not be greater than ± 1% of the temperature step value. The thermocouple was placed into the depth of 150mm or design placement depth.

As the thermocouple in the vicinity of room temperature thermoelectric power is very small, the thermal response time is not easy to detect, so the national standard can be used with the specifications of the K-type thermocouple hot electrode assembly to replace its own hot electrode assembly, and then tested.

The thermocouple output shall be recorded to a time T0.5 corresponding to 50% of the temperature step change. If necessary, a thermal response time T0.1 of 10% change and a thermal response time T0.9 of 90% change may be recorded. The recorded thermal response time shall be the average of at least three test results for the same test. The deviation from the average shall be within ± 10% for each measurement. In addition, the time required to form a step change in temperature should not exceed one-tenth of the T0.5 of the thermocouple being tested. The response time of the recording instrument or meter shall not exceed one tenth of T0.5 of the thermocouple under test.

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