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MICA heating boards
Dec 04, 2017

MICA heating boards

MICA plate using MICA plate (MICA) good insulating properties and its high temperature resistance, which MICA plate (sheet) for skeleton and insulating layer, supplemented by galvanized steel or stainless steel plates for protection, plate, sheet, cylindrical and conical, barrel-shaped heating devices, circles and other shapes. Can be designed up to 1000W of power, may be resistant to temperature of 600 ° c.

MICA stainless steel ring

MICA heating ring is based on the quality of NI-CR alloy heating wire for the body with natural MICA insulation group formed around, outer layer made of high quality stainless steel for conduction heating layer MICA heating coil can be machined according to customer demand of rings, plates, and a variety of special-shaped products. MICA heater surface normal in line with 2.5-3 Watts per square centimeter, customer shall be according to the desired power range, with automatic temperature control system, to keep power and protect service life of the heating coil. MICA electric heating coil stainless steel performance advantages: this product because of the use of stainless steel and Mica for raw material, not subject to size restrictions in the production can do the nozzle with a small heat and plastic machine gun barrel heating.  With a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, cooling quickly, long service life, good insulation, high voltage and so on. MICA heating coil stainless steel applications: widely used in injection molding machine, extruder, plastic molding machine.

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