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New heating technology heating features
Dec 06, 2017

New heating technology heating features

Heat exchanger used efficient for hot components--Eddy hot film tube, keep oil in tube between reasonable flow, efficiency is General heat exchanger of 3-5 times, its strengthened heat transfer mechanism is: oil fluid in both inside and outside surface flow Shi design into turbulent flow flow, produced strongly of shocks and scour role, flow of direction constantly change, is close tube wall surface of high temperature oil fluid constantly replaced, insulation layer variable thin and damage, metal surface heat passed speed up, fluid micro Eddy strengthening, makes oil fluid internal hot diffusion strengthened. Not close to the fluid to produce high temperature on the surface of the pipe wall from overheating, so the oil could be appropriate, coking in the heat and in the absence of full decomposition possible. Good heat transfer without great resistance.

1, quick heating, high heat transfer efficiency, easy to scale.

2, oil quantity can be heated, heated as much as needed.

3, high temperature oil there will not be local, charring, and guarantee the quality of the oil and the heater heat transfer efficiency.

Maximum 4, a tank of the oil outlet temperature, ensures oil flow.

5, to avoid a repeat of the tank to heat the oil to ensure oil color, reduce the cost of oil.

6, long service life, corrosion-resistant, high temperature, high pressure resistant, anti-scaling feature, greatly improving the overall performance of the heat exchanger.

7, advanced technology and design, ensures oil flow and better "bottom" role.

8, automated control, according to the oil temperature and the oil flow control of access of steam feed.

9, compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, does not affect the safety of the tank because of the installation of the heater. Compared with the u-tube heat exchanger, under the same heat: heat exchanger with vortex hot film size, only about one-second of u-tube heat exchanger dimensions.

10, with respect to electric heating, safe, heated warmer and smaller influence on oil quality.

According to reports, this new oil tank heating technology has won a number of national patents, have been applied in more than petroleum oil and gas storage and transportation units.

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