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Note the use of immersion liquid heating pipe
Jan 19, 2018

Note the use of immersion liquid heating pipe

From the heating pipe work environment, mainly divided into two categories: dry and liquid heating.

Heating liquid heating tube which the general life is very long, but also need us to pay attention to many points of attention, otherwise the burst pipe is also very normal. Yancheng Rui high electric and we talk about some of the specific points of attention:

1, power setting problem

Electric heating tube power setting problem is our sales business salesmen need to pay attention to, we must remind customers heating tube heating liquid power setting: If the heating water, the power per meter is not greater than 4KW, if the heating oil, per meter power It shall not be more than 2.5KW. Customer power set, and ask if there are problems, we must give advice.

2, material setting problem

Immersion liquid heating tube We generally use stainless steel heating tube. But we also want to select the material according to the heated liquid, generally the main material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 2520 (SUS310S), titanium tube, Teflon tube and coated tube (coated tube Alkali, the most important thing is anti-scale)

3, water quality problems

There are often customers that the stainless steel heating pipe when the water pipes burst like the problem, the reason we have to burst tube introduced to you before, of which there is a reason that is the quality of water, and often the reason is fatal.

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