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Oven heat sink with stainless steel heating tube
Jan 20, 2018

Oven heat sink with stainless steel heating tube

Oven heat sink stainless steel heating pipe with high quality stainless steel, modified oxidation powder, high resistance electric alloy wire, stainless steel heat sink and other materials, through the production of advanced production equipment and technology, and carried out strict quality management, oven Stainless steel heat pipe can be installed in the hair pipe or other static, flowing air heating applications. Finned heating tube is wound on the surface of ordinary metal heat sink, compared with the common components to expand the heat area of 2 to 3 times, the fin components allow the surface power load is 3 to 4 times the normal components. As the shortening of the length of components, making their own heat loss is reduced, in the same power conditions, with fast heating, heat uniformity, good heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency, long life, small heating device size, low cost. According to user requirements for a reasonable design, easy to install. Products in the machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, household appliances and other industries, especially in the air-conditioner industry is widely used wind screen.

Oven heat sink with stainless steel heating process: finned heating tube it is wrapped in the outer surface of the heating tube heat from the role. In this case,

Oven heat sink with stainless steel heating tube Uses: for oven, drying tunnel heating, the general heating medium for the air. In this case,

Oven heat sink with stainless steel heating tube Features: Good heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency.

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