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Pipeline electric heating industry in China, the development of several important stages
Jun 20, 2018

Pipeline electric heating industry in China, the development of several important stages

Pipeline electric heating insulation products low carbon, environmental protection, thermal

 insulation effect is good, easy to install, is widely used in different areas of pipe insulation

. Electric heating originated in the fifties of the twentieth century, the early eighties,

 electric heating products into the Chinese market.

     From the initial unfamiliar, do not trust to today, customers recognize and support the 

electric heating industry. With the electric heating products with the gradual increase in heat,

 electric heating business enterprises have increased year by year. After several decades of

 development, the domestic electric heating technology has become increasingly mature. Not only

 from the type of product, the use of the range is also constantly exaggerated, the performance 

is also more quality. Throughout the development of China's electric tracing, mainly experienced 

a slow formation period, rapid growth period, low profit mature period three periods.

Slow formation period: the early eighties, the pipeline electric heating products into the 

Chinese market, began to develop very slowly. 1980 - 2000 is the slow formation period of China's

 electric heating industry. Although the introduction of foreign electric heating technology, but

 by the then economic environment and national policy constraints, the industry grew slowly.

 Moreover, in the initial development of product technology and production process is not mature,

 the production of small quantities, high manufacturing costs. And domestic awareness of electric

 heating less, very people can not easily try.

    Rapid growth period: 2001-2010 is the rapid growth period of China's electric heating industry

. But also China's rapid economic development stage. China's accession to the WTO, the domestic 

enterprises continue to introduce foreign electric heating technology, learning new technology, 

research and development of new products, and achieved some success. At the same time, more 

industries began to try electric heating heat insulation technology, the formation of a stable

 industry demand chain. In this trend, many competitors began to rush into the electric heating

 market, pipeline heating service enterprises increased rapidly.

    Low profit mature period: 2010 after the Chinese pipeline electric heating industry technology

 through continuous training, into the mature period. After several decades of development, 

electric heating industry production capacity expansion rate slowed down. For the slow growth,

 said more electric heating companies need to grab electric heating market share, competition is 

also more and more intense. Leading to fierce price competition, manufacturers lower prices,

 resulting in lower profits. In the industry into the mature period, the industry's sales growth 

is slow, but the amount of profits will be reduced, can not maintain the momentum of growth, from 

the beginning of the relatively stable and gradually downward trend. Pipeline electric heating 

industry enterprises should also be aware of this, continue to innovate new products, improve 

technology, get better development.

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