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Product structure of ceramic heater
Nov 24, 2017

Product structure of ceramic heater

Ceramic heater is made of stainless steel skin, with a high insulation refractory degree of ceramic, put on the resistance wire, and then mechanical twisting molding, turn on the power supply, you can use. * heating up fast, 30 seconds up to 500 degrees * thermal efficiency is more than 90% PTC heater is 1.5 times * power can be from 50W-2000W any power supply from 12V-380V arbitrary shape is not limited by appearance (can be customized)

* using honeycomb ceramic heater element, the latest technology abroad is not afraid of water and acid and alkali

The ceramic plate is heated with no red light, no burning, fast heating up, and within 30 seconds, it can rise to 500 degrees centigrade.

At *500 centigrade, no oxygen consumption, no oxidation, mouth and tongue are not dry, deodorizing and keeping indoor air fresh.

The thermal efficiency is over 90%, which is 1.5 times as much as that of PTC heater. It is 2 times as much as that of traditional electric heater, which can save 30% energy and electricity expenditure.

It can radiate far infrared rays and radiate heat, and its radiation rate is as high as 91%.

No water bursting, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for harsh environment.

No sudden wave current is initiated, and the temperature can keep constant temperature.

* ceramic heater for makeup, relieve rheumatism, joint pain, face. In addition to the room warm but also sitting office and staff, heating cold feet ache wonders.

* use voltage 12V-380V arbitrary, power 50W-2000W arbitrary.

* widely used in household appliances (hair dryers), cosmetic instruments, medical instruments, industrial dryers, fax machines and so on.

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