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Purchase of electric heating tube must consider the factors
Jan 22, 2018

Purchase of electric heating tube must consider the factors

Electrothermal tube must consider the purchase of the first six aspects - the choice of electric heating tube to consider magnesium powder and design:

Factors affecting the electric heating efficiency can be summed up in one sentence: the cumulative heat transfer path thermal resistance of the size of the decision of the electric heating efficiency. A detailed analysis of the thermal path according to the various processes will reduce the possibility of thermal resistance, as follows:

First, the material factors:

1. Magnesium powder purity problem: Magnesite purity directly determines the thermal conductivity of magnesia, thermal conductivity, the greater the smaller the thermal resistance. The higher the heat transfer efficiency, this is the material problem.

2. Magnesium powder density problem: the density of the size of the packing density, shrink tube or plastic density to determine the final density of the electric tube. The higher the density value, the higher the efficiency of electric heating, otherwise the lower.

Second, the structural design:

It is well known that the larger the distance between the outer diameter of the spiral heating wire and the inner wall of the metal shell is, the higher the electrical insulation withstand voltage is, but the heat transfer path is increased. This increase in path is connected in series to the heat transfer path An attenuator, will inevitably lead to the decline in electric efficiency, and shorten the creepage distance of the disadvantage is that the normal pressure value will be a greater decline, the key now is how to assess the low efficiency of electric heating tube Performance impact and ultimately make a trade-off.

The relationship between the electrothermal efficiency and the magnesia characteristics and creepage distance is described. In addition to the above, the last part of the heat transfer path, that is, the shell material, Wall thickness of the thermal resistance are related, but also concerned about the application of the four materials in the thermal resistance from small to large basic order: copper <aluminum <iron <stainless steel, according to the actual conditions allowed as far as possible using thermal conductivity Better material, which improve the efficiency of electric heating and improve the performance of electric heating tube has a certain role in promoting life.

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