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Reference for selection of heating pipes
Jun 26, 2017

Tubular heating element (metal heating tube) after a long period of application practice, has been in the following departments and equipment applications have achieved good results.

1. Used for drying wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, such as fin heating tube.

2. For the melting and heating of salt and other salts, there are dry-burning heating tubes.

3. Melting low melting point alloy, such as melting lead furnace, melting tin furnace, etc., has a single head heating tube.

4. Building heating, has electric film and so on.

5. Heating the flowing air and the static air, has the duct heating box and so on.

6. Infrared radiation heating device, has far-infrared heating tube (quartz, ceramic) products.

7. Low-temperature electric furnace such as air circulation of industrial electric stove, electric oven and so on.

8. Oil, water and other chemical liquids, electroplating bath liquid in the heating device, has 316L heating tube, Teflon heating tube, titanium heating tube.

9. Seawater Electric distillation unit, 316L heating tube.

10. Alkali and acid heating device, there are acid and alkali heaters.

11. In the food industry, a variety of bread, biscuits, cakes baking, water tunnel in the electric heating device. Plastic Products processing Molding extrusion device and rubber products molded vulcanization device, single head heating tube, heating tube, such as temperature.

12. Medical and health disinfection equipment, such as sterilizer, sterilizers, infrared heaters.

13. Electric motor vacuum impregnation equipment Heating, enameled wire drying device, fin electric tube, far infrared heating tube.

14. Daily life in a variety of household electric appliances, such as cooker, electric ovens, rice cookers, electric frying pans, frying pan, water heaters, irons and other products, cast aluminum heating plate, double head heating tube.

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