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Resistance wire maintenance
Dec 05, 2017

Resistance wire maintenance

1) oxide in the furnace must be approved by the common brush, broom or compressed air clean to prevent falling on the alloying elements and short, General cleaning shall not be less than once a month.

2) backplane, an orange exhaust, boiler tanks and other steel components after each use for some time, lifted the best percussion, clear the scale to avoid collapse and buried or components. Chromium and nitrogen steel in particular, used to peel later more serious.

3) Chamber furnaces under the Shanghai-tooth furnace and the furnace lid ring knives must be carefully inserted in a sand tank, sand in the sand could not pretend to be a full and fair. Sand fall into the furnace, you should clear in time. On the low-temperature furnace, you can pad on a layer of undamaged asbestos rope gasket.

4) outside the salt bath furnace regularly hung out Orange Vortex, clear molten salt. Elements pour salt on the surface of hot water available; to put gel on the brick salt scrape methods can be used to clear.

5) brass furnace lid must be butted closely to prevent the "copper cream" fall into the erosion of furnace components.

6) avoid copper, aluminum, zinc, Tin, lead and other non-ferrous metal contact with the heating element, whether it is a fine powder, liquid or vapour, erosion of the components at high temperatures is very harmful. This is because the erosion of form "pits" section becomes smaller, and finally due to overheating and burning out.

7) lift electric annealing furnace cover plate with the car should cover tightly to prevent. annealing at casting into sand buried melt overheating components. Therefore, you must always check and clear sand.

8) due to thermal expansion and contraction when heating shutdown and creep elongation, leads to great loose wiring clamp bolts are prone to oxidation, you should regularly check and tighten.

9) leads to great hole to plug the tight to avoid leakage protection during the burning of the gas, causing great oxidation off the skin, which leads to the rod and clip connection is bad.

10) carburizing furnace or in the tank without using controlled atmosphere containing CO, carbon free can occur and cause a short circuit. Should always open the oven door or periodic purging with compressed air, the products of combustion of carbon burned in a timely manner.


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