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Safety Technology in Heat Treatment Production
Jan 17, 2018

Safety Technology in Heat Treatment Production

In order to make a variety of mechanical parts and processing tools to obtain good performance. Or a variety of metal materials to facilitate processing, often need to change their physical. Chemical and mechanical properties, such as magnetic, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness. It is necessary to change the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of metals and alloys by changing the internal structures of the metals and alloys by heating at a certain temperature, holding for a certain time and cooling at a certain speed during machining. This method is called heat treatment. In this work, workers often contact equipment and metal parts, it is necessary to carefully master the relevant safety technology to avoid accidents.

Heat treatment process The main heating equipment

Heat treatment process in the main equipment is the furnace, can be divided into two types of electric furnace furnace.

Fuel Heat, such as coal stoves, oil stoves and gas furnaces, are produced by combustion of solids, liquids and gases. They rely on combustion directly to the heat energy, most of the primary energy, value of the economy, low consumption, but easy to make the surface decarburization and oxidation. Commonly used in the general requirements of the heating parts and materials heat treatment, such as tempering, normalizing, annealing and quenching water.

2. Electric furnace. To electricity as heat energy, that is, secondary energy. According to their different heating methods, is divided into resistance furnace and induction furnace. According to the different heating parts and materials, according to process requirements should be equipped with different forms of electric heating furnace.

(1) resistance furnace. Mainly by the resistor as a heating element and electric furnace. According to the requirements of the heat treatment process, can be annealed, normalizing, tempering, quenching, carburizing oxidation and nitriding, but also solve the problem of non-oxidation.

(2) induction furnace. Through the induction of electromagnetic induction, the workpiece to produce induced current, the workpiece quickly heated. Induction furnace heating is an advanced method in the heat treatment process, mainly used for surface heat treatment quenching, and then gradually expanded for normalizing, quenching, tempering and chemical heat treatment, especially for some special steel and special work requirements Of the workpiece application more.

General safety requirements for heat treatment operations

1. Before the operation, first familiar with the heat treatment process and the equipment to be used.

2. Operation, must wear the necessary protective equipment, such as uniforms, gloves, protective glasses and so on.

3. Do not place any object between the heating and cooling equipment.

4. Mixed carburizing agent, sandblasting and so on in a separate room, and should be provided with adequate ventilation equipment.

5. Equipment Hazardous areas (such as electric furnace power leads, bus bars, conductive rods and transmission, etc.), should be barbed wire, fence, board and other protection.

6. All tools used for heat treatment shall be placed in a structured manner and shall not be allowed to use residual, unsuitable tools.

7. The entrances and exits of the workshop and the access roads in the workshop shall be unimpeded. In the heavy oil furnace nozzles and gas stoves near the nozzle should be placed fire extinguishing flask; workshop should be placed fire extinguishers.

8. After heat treatment of the workpiece, do not be used to touch, so as to avoid burns.

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